Hilaria Baldwin

the 36-year-old wife and 62-year-old Alec Baldwin Hilaria is now in joyful anticipation of the fifth child. Fitness guru almost every day captures on instagram changes in your body and tells subscribers how keeps himself in shape. A few hours ago she shared in his microblog new photo, which poses in lingerie and a tunic and demonstrates significantly grown the stomach.

Hilaria Baldwin

In the comments of the members immediately began to make the expectant mother compliments and to say that it looks amazing. Many have tried to determine the sex of the child in the form of her rounded belly — the majority agreed that the actor’s wife expecting a boy. However, this information Hilaria while kept secret from the followers. Not answered Baldwin and the question of whether they will be with Alec to stop at fifth child.

Recall that before getting pregnant this time, Hilaria have had to endure two miscarriages in a row during the year. About losing kids Baldwin openly spoke on his page on instagram to women who find themselves in a similar situation, do not feel alone and to blame for what happened. The fitness guru immediately indicated that she and her husband continue to attempt to get pregnant, because I always dreamed of a big family.

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

by the Way, during a recent podcast Hilaria Baldwin responded to the allegations of subscribers that in the education of their four children, she resorted to the services of a nanny. It considered such attacks to be unfair and explained why:

Talking about the nanny — it’s so interesting. People will write to you: “Fi, so she has a nanny.” But this does not mean that you do not care about their own children. This means that I also work. I work every day. And when people make you feel bad about it, is horribly unfair. Now my younger children are two, three and four years, and I have a seven year old child. It’s okay to accept help, and there’s no shame in the fact that you have other people.

Hilary also added that caring for the four children she greatly helps her husband. For example, Alec does not like to wash the dishes after dinner or picking up toys in the house or in the backyard at the end of the day.

Hilaria Baldwin with children