for Months, Reto F.* (43) went on the Internet on a shopping tour without paying his bills. The bodybuilders from low-büren SG from gambled in a big way 30 part of well-known providers such as Zalando, Nespresso and Qualipet. The damage should be in the six digit range (VIEW reported).

with more than 100 pseudonyms, have made online purchases, the muscle man is always in the public business houses, and therapy centers to deliver. Now: this was his undoing.

However, this is not a perfect Bschiss

one Of these 15 addresses stands out the wait-and-see suddenly an unknown name tag on a previously-free letter-box into his eye, which had placed F. for the reception of his mission.

Just about Reto F. the police as to the net – even if the St. Gallen public Prosecutor’s office is the exact procedure open. “There are several indications against the accused were,” says media spokesperson Beatrice Giger.

they confirmed that at the place of residence of the accused “numerous mutmassliches Deliktsgut was seized”. Or as stated by another source: “Reto F. operation in his apartment of a dress shop!” The total Loss is estimated to be over 300’000 Swiss francs!

the apartment was full of online

From the delivery bschiss goods are also likely to have its meanwhile, by the criminal command condemned friend Maya G.* (25), and other persons from the environment of F. benefits.

“So he didn’t have to pay his debt to me, he tried several times, me with coffee machines and other stuff off the iron,” says Bschiss-sacrifice D. S.** The VW-Fan ordered Reto F. in the year 2015 rims to the value of around 4500 Euro without ever having to make a delivery. S. submit to VIEW Chat logs, in which the Bodybuilder put off his creditors again and again.

“Because I was persistent, has F. abgestottert his debts for years. The last installment came just before his arrest this summer,” said S. Other tuning enthusiasts have had with Reto F. less fortunate.

Reto F. should also VW Fans

It would have been reported around 15 other car fans with him, which would have given the Eastern Swiss money for never supplied tires, rims and undercarriages.

If this part is longer allegations of fraud in the current criminal proceedings also come to fruition, leaves the St. Gallen public Prosecutor’s office.

you confirmed that Reto F., who has since taken in the prison in the early penal system, offences due to assets already relevant has a criminal record. The presumption of innocence applies.

* the Name has been changed

** Name