plaster master Kurt Goger (54), stirred with a large ladle. But then, in the spring of 2015, to rebel their own employees against the Austrian owner and managing Director of Goger-Swiss.

The allegations made by the Goger-Büezer put forward against the entrepreneur: massive wage dumping and a blatant violation of the collective employment contract (GAV). “We have been exploited, lied to, and dismissed,” said Ex-employees. Was your story in the February 2015 public – with the support of the gypsum Association and the trade Union Unia.

The Austrians denied the accusations. And went with his lawyer. Against a VIEW. Even today, several of the procedures in the case Goger are pending. Goger-Swiss went public in the summer of 2018 bankruptcy.

Now, a report commissioned by the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco), the SRF broadcast “Rundschau” on Wednesday to advertise the shows: Gogers company has bruised his Büezer actually million.

the 3.2 million Swiss francs

deprived of An external auditor commissioned by the Seco and the wage-books of the years 2013 to 2016 under the magnifying glass. He comes to the conclusion: Goger has withheld his Büezern a minimum of 3.2 million Swiss francs. The contractor had supplied the auditor with “obviously false data” – an “unprecedented” course of action. It is only through the inspection of files of the ongoing criminal proceedings against Goger, the auditor came to the right data.

The Prosecutor’s office of Zurich does not want to comment on the ongoing proceedings against Goger. You determined for fraud and forgery. For Goger, the presumption of innocence applies.

The “Rundschau” as well as “WOZ” are files from the criminal investigation. The former recruiters, a bookkeeper and a project Manager, that worker had to pay back a portion of their wages on construction sites, in cash, to Goger-Swiss. The Austrian owner of the company and its Executives denied this, even as the VIEW you are confronted with it.

Goger-Swiss led Shadow accounting

Goger was according to the acts of the criminal investigation tricky: His company led a Shadow accounting in order to disguise the payments. The recruiter is quoted as follows: He have kept the difference between the GAV-month wage and the actual Dumping-wage workers. For this, he received a monthly 2500 francs. Overall, he had passed Goger over a Million francs in cash in Envelopes.

plaster master Goger is today, according to the SRF-research in Austria. At the beginning of 2019, he had been in Italy, was arrested, but then escaped.

asked about the latest developments in the case of Kurt Goger of the plaster speaks mostly Association of a “satisfaction”. Now you have proof that the charges agreed to and not, as the Austrians claimed a campaign of its competitors.

in The file that makes it absolutely clear: The wage-Theft on the construction actually took place on Swiss construction sites, by Goger-Swiss.

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