The Supreme court of justice in Ontario, canada, has three Russian riders, who in the world anti-doping Agency WADA and the Canadian, professor Richard McLaren, had been sued, wrong given. The three Russians and a compensation for damages prompted to them after they were not allowed to participate in the Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio. The AIM is to stop responding to be satisfied.

The main character is introduced that they will be excluded from the Olympics in Rio, according to the report by McLaren on behalf of the WADA. This report was the conclusion of an investigation by the state and sent to dopingnetwerk in Russia. The three of them had already lodged a complaint with the International Sporttribunaal BAG, but it started there, all of the bones.

“This is an important judgement that, in the opinion of the BAG and confirmed by the world of sport is accepted,” said Olivier, the kindly given, director general of the WADA. “This decision does immediately put an end to attempts to settle disputes through the law on the national level.”

According to the WADA, the time limit for an appeal of the case ended. The case has been completed.