One of the practices included in this collection, was “Technology “with grandma”, which implements the regional rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities. It is a joint reading of art works on the basis of which children along with older volunteers make a doll made out of patchwork fabrics. The children also get acquainted with traditional games and fun to play them.

– using a teacher-volunteer, each child creates a situation of success, desire to learn, to learn something new in a not very traditional setting – “with grandma,” says the Director of the center Elena Lopatina. Is one of the most effective rehabilitation techniques in working with children with disabilities and children with disabilities.

Another experience gained in the Kirov region, – the game of boccia for children with defeat of the musculoskeletal device. Vyatka is one of the first to use it for this purpose. The founder of the new sport was an employee of the Kirovo-Chepetsk rehabilitation center for children with disabilities Dmitry Zhdanov.

According to him, while playing in a bocce the child not only socialities, communicating with peers, but also gets used to sporting activities, strengthens their health.

– In the beginning, the child becomes familiar with the game, teaches her the rules and work out techniques of throws, – says Dmitry Zhdanov. Next are personal, pair and team games, followed by preparation for competitions and the competition itself. Sometimes the volunteer is attracted to the classes in the game boccia parents, because from this depends largely on the child’s success in the game. He quickly remembers the rules and is always trying when performing tasks. Better if the gameplay will involve both parents.

In the Kirov region thanks to the volunteers (in this area worked more than 200) the game has mastered the 210 children with disabilities. Six of them became participants of the international competitions, and nine children with disabilities already have a sports level.

According to the Director of the rehabilitation center Svetlana Samartseva, thanks to the regular practice of bocce in children strengthens the health and increases physical fitness.

– some of the guys we see progress in the development of fine motor skills, strengthening muscles and in almost all we observe the development of communicative skills and improvement of mood, she says.

And volunteers of public organization “the Way of the good” accompany students of the Department “Mercy” muryginskogo orphanage “Spring”. They carry with them different creative workshops, games and informative classes. During the restrictive�� events classes remotely – via group and individual video conferencing.

In the practical guide (issued in Moscow in June 2020) summarizes the regional experience of implementation volunteers the best practices in the field of event organization for socio-psychological rehabilitation and habilitation of persons with disabilities and children with disabilities, as well as experience in the implementation of volunteer practices in the framework of programs of Fund of support of children in difficult life situations. Provided in the manual experience of the volunteer activities can be replicated in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation for use in the work of the specialists of all interested organizations.

In the capital of the Volga region started an online school of philanthropy for the Nizhny Novgorod non-profit organizations (NPOs) in the framework of the “800 good deeds”. Introductory session was held on 10 August. Training from organizers of the “Center 800” and the Fund “Need help” – will take place in four key areas

“Very nice, “the Centre 800” invited the community of charity in Nizhny Novgorod a real training program, which will make charitable foundations more effective. Our community “good works 800” and “800 of good deeds” in celebration of the 800th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod will become the platform where representatives of NGOs can get together and generate ideas. To charities work really purposeful people who are able to change something”, – said the head of the special projects Department of the “Centre 800” Ekaterina Chudakova.

“I am happy that there is a possibility to do the training. In Russia there are only two good charity schools, the Moscow school of professional philanthropy and the School of charity Fund “Need help”. To pay fees we can’t afford. And on a competitive basis and in celebration of the 800th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod can take part in this course very valuable. I hope that in four months will benefit from the knowledge professionals who will help you work”, – said the head of the charity Fund “Life without borders” Marina Yefimov.

Recall, ten Nizhny Novgorod non-profit organizations won free training at the online school of philanthropy. The winners were organizations “Dobroe Delo”, “Earth Nizhny Novgorod”, “Dawn”, “Nizhniy Novgorod”, “Life without borders”, “Children without mothers”, regional public organization “Territory of good”, ANO “Center of social programs of “Life”, the regional physical culture and sports public organization “Federation of Boxing” and the Fund NONTS.

the online schools will be based on the principle “from General to particular”. The training consists of four modules with video tutorials on social media marketing, budget planning, Fundthe rising (the gathering of private donations), communications with donors and sponsors. All modules are focused on the implementation of new and improvement of already existing projects of NGOs. An important part of learning – homework and mentoring. Each team from the charity Fund will be awarded points for the quality and timely completed tasks. The top three teams will receive bonuses from the Fund “Need help”.

the Program “800 good deeds” is a social direction of preparation of Nizhny Novgorod for the anniversary, she focuses on philanthropy and volunteerism. The programme’s main objective is to unite the professional community in the region, notably NGOs, foundations and ordinary people, who are ready to join charity projects.

the program has four areas:

– “the online platform of good deeds” where you can support the action of regional NGOs, verified by the Fund “Need help”;

community “is 800 good deeds” that can enter anyone to help in solving specific social problems;

– volunteer fundraising campaign, in which citizens will learn how to create events to collect donations;

– an online school of philanthropy, which will be the staff of the Fund.