“We go from a strong Position in this crisis,” he said on Thursday evening in the ZDF-show “Markus Lanz”. “But our sales are worldwide. We do not make a paragraph, we make no sales outside of China.“ Currently, the manufacturer in all other markets get rid of “virtually any” cars any more, because the demand lying on the ground. As a result, the liquidity ab – Diess spoke of up to two billion Euro per week.

the VW can’t guarantee entry for short-time workers

“We reduce our expenses. We move projects, which are not critical to success,“ said the Manager. Whether all of the currently approximately 80,000 in Germany, short-time work to the employees according to the current plant closures could work, he could not guarantee “It will depend on How quickly we can master this crisis?” In the case of a prolonged economic downturn, this will have “safe a negative impact on our business”. Secret stockpile discovered: Here VW parks its unsold electric cars, FOCUS Online/Wochit Secret stockpile discovered: Here VW parks its non-electric cars

Diess bought expected that the group and the employees, but will be able to cushion the impact. For this it is necessary to use the time of the interruptions to production: “We must prepare for the restart.” Necessary, for instance, new hygiene measures, and larger spacing of the bands were. “I’m glad we now have at least three weeks to organize ourselves newly. I am confident that we can make it so that no one will be infected.“ VW had 9 the production stop in Germany because of the Corona-crisis a short time before a further four days until the. April extended. Been a week since the tapes stand still already. Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease