attract customers with the fancy electric models, recalls, VW is once again in its history. And so the wolf Burger surprise at the Geneva motor show with the freaky study ID Buggy. “The purist Design is modern, retro free Interpretation of an icon. Unmistakably a Buggy. And yet, completely re-thought”, explains Volkswagen chief designer Klaus Bischoff.

Just a thought

In a series of VW ID Buggy go should never. Because he is a nice looking thoughts, to show us how far the group can own MEB-electric platform of the VW group spreading.


For the cool appearance of the buggies were back in the 1960s and 1970s, of course, the colorful and open glass-fibre bodies, which play on the beach and on the street could notice. The electric edition of 4,06 meters long, ID. Buggy is no different. For the drive of the open plastic two-seater is a 204-horsepower electric Motor in the rear, powered by a 62-kilowatt-hour battery pack under the floor with energy.

With all-wheel-potential

In contrast to the cool hippy-crates of 50 years ago, can imagine the VW developers to make the ID Buggy with a second Motor at the front axle of an off-road-capable four-wheel drive with 24 inches of ground clearance.

only a dream

VW ID Buggy: reverie or reality? The future will show. It is but to be expected unfortunately, this is a that Volkswagen makes the ID Buggy cars a reality – neither in the US nor in Europe.