We still remember the long queues in front of the Tesla Stores: From the end of March 2016, you could make a reservation there be a copy of the first affordable Tesla model, Model 3,. Provided you 1000 US dollars paid in advance. Over 400’000 pre-orders of the E-car is a collected pioneer. However, many jumped again, because the car did not. In March, the first Swiss were able to take your car in reception.

ID.3, the first electric-VW

Also in the case of Volkswagen, the electric Revolution is still to come, because a Supertanker as a well – established auto group, you by finger flicking from Diesel – and gasoline-to electricity rates. But as of today, the first electric model called the ID, can finally.3 pre-order. Provided that you pay in advance 1500 francs: Then you can support a copy from the 30’000 vehicles a comprehensive first-named ID.3 1st (“first”, first) book.

Up to 550 km range

of The ID.3 about Golf-Size is available with three different battery packages for 330, 420 or 550 km range order. The launch edition comes with the medium sized battery pack and a lush series of equipment such as a panoramic glass roof and a Cockpit with Augmented Reality. Including a power is also a flat rate up to a maximum of 2000 kWh of public charging within a year. The Pre-Booking is available in 29 European countries. Those who think of it differently, can still jump up to the final order of the cars in September and get back the Deposit.

sale price not yet known

The Supertanker VW is slow, but huge: “With the ID.3, we will clarify first of all, Europe, electr, and then with in a timely manner following the other E-models of the ID.-Family other regions of the world,” outlines VW sales Executive Juergen Stackmann, the more electric-strategy. The start of production of the ID.3 the end of the year; and from 2020 it will be delivered. Only the Swiss price of the ID.3 is not yet known. What is clear: In Germany, the base version that can be ordered is to be offered, for under 30’000 Euro.

For Switzerland, the taps VIEW, therefore, on a cost price of just under 35’000 francs.