The demands of the Albanian side on VideoSuite unrecognized meaningless Kosovo, said the Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic.

“the Albanian side has came out with demands, in response to which I said if that’s all they want to talk, then it’s all completely pointless,” said Vucic after the Paris negotiations, reports TASS.

According to him, the requirements of Prishtina “unrealistic.”

“They require first, to preserve the territorial integrity of Kosovo, second, the preservation of the Constitution of Kosovo. Thirdly, long-term mutual recognition, not the model of the two Germanys. Fourthly, membership of Pristina in the UN and recognition by all member countries of the EU of Kosovo’s independence. And after that they will address the issue of missing persons and the issues of compensation for military damage,” he listed the conditions survived.

He noted that the scheduled for July 12, the first two years of the meeting of the delegations of Belgrade and Pristina postponed to 16 July. July 12 will be another videosmith.

He explained that at the summit, Serbia was the only country with different point of view.

“I Believe that Germany and France will speak with his General presidential statement, as there were things that we didn’t have the same opinion”, – said the President.

Earlier, the leader of the unrecognized Kosovo Hashim Thaci refused visit to Washington, where he was scheduled consultations on settlement of the conflict with Serbia, because of allegations of Special prosecutors in Kosovo of committing war crimes. He said that he will visit the Hague in connection with the “invitation” to the international court for crimes in Kosovo.

Earlier, Vucic said that is not able to resolve the situation around the unrecognized Kosovo.