VTB Capital Investment created for the users of Yandex, the first comprehensive service for the management of savings. It will enable cheap, fast and convenient to invest, invest in bonds and stocks, available in Moscow and St. Petersburg markets, make the currency exchange at a rate close to the exchange, and more. The service is available on the platform Yandex.Plus.

VTB Bank (PJSC) was the first Bank which has created a platform for managing capital, providing partners with access to service users. Based on this Yandex has developed a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and transparent for even beginners in financial management.

the Process to open and Fund the account fully remote and takes a few minutes. By the way, the service is available to customers of any Bank account you can top up with card or Bank transfer.

VTB said that the simplification of the process of saving is a strategic goal of the Bank. “In the current situation, this process is impossible without the use of investment products and technologies. Applied technology API (application programming interface) allows to combine in one venue the best products with the most modern and convenient of the client through. Very pleased that our partner in this work was Yandex, the most popular Internet resource of our country and one of the best search engines in the world. I’m sure the launch platform for the VTB Yandex.The advantage would be a new stage in the development of the saving market in Russia”, – commented on the launch of the project the main Executive Director of “VTB Capital Investments,” senior Vice-President VTB Vladimir Potapov.