The search for Blanca Fernandez Ochoa (56) continues unabated. So far, unsuccessful. By browse, police, firefighters and countless Volunteers to every corner of the forests in the Sierra de Guadarrama North of Madrid. In the sky, whirring helicopters, and drones, in the thickets of dogs sniffing for traces. In short: everything is done to find the famous Ex-Skier. Vreni Schneider (54), who went in the 80s and 90s in the world Cup with Fernandez Ochoa, with shivering from afar. “I was shocked when I read the news of Blancas Disappearance on Facebook. I really hope with all my heart that she’s alive and found soon.”

For almost two weeks

miss white The Elmerin: to find The chances of Fernandez Ochoa alive are dwindling by the hour. Since the 23. August, missing the Olympic Bronze-medal winner in 1992. Her car was found in the vicinity of the wall due to durchsäten area. In it: 15 euros, this includes DNA traces of the Spanish. That’s all.

Adrian Federighi, the brother-in-law of the former Slalom specialist, says: “We continue to believe that Blanca is alive. But every day that passes unsuccessfully, makes us incredibly sad.” While the family continues to anticipate an accident, excludes the police is a criminal act. The question is: Why was Fernandez Ochoa remains your cell phone at home? The answers are not yet available. This is exactly what makes the Situation so difficult.

memories of the Olympic games in Calgary

Schneider remembers the giant slalom at the Olympic winter games in Calgary in 1988. “Blanca led after the first run I was Fifth. Then a super second pass I managed. I was on the way to Gold, and Blanca was still at the top.”

she made a fatal innenski error and lost everything. “Blanca was so sad, so sorry. You said to me: “You were better, Vreni, so be happy!” That was typical – Blanca was an extremely good-hearted person.”