the day for the purpose of nationwide voting would be July 1, said the CEC head Ella Pamfilova at the workshop with members of the relevant working group.

– Really, July 1st looks like the day is suitable for holding a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution, supported Vladimir Putin.

According to him, the date is flawless from a legal point of view, and from the point of view of additional steps to combat coronavirus infection. In addition, the month ahead will allow people to once again return to the amendments that are offered, and to determine their attitude.

the referendum, in polling stations that will be located in schools, not places of holding the unified state examination. The President directly during the meeting called on the Minister of education and made sure of that.

given the current situation, Ella Pamfilova considers it appropriate to hold a nationwide vote on July 1, but “and within 6 days before that.”

“In total, suggest that citizens were able to vote for 7 days. This will allow to avoid queues, crowds at polling stations to nullify the possibility of infection,” said Ella Pamfilova.

By this time, the CEC is ready to meet all the necessary requirements for the organization of the referendum, to ensure openness, transparency, credibility, legitimacy of voting on amendments to the Constitution.

“the Observers will be present for all voting wherever they passed,” – said Pamfilova. She said that along with the traditional polling stations in the premises provided the opportunity to vote in the school yard and in adjoining areas. Expanded the possibility of voting at home, this is a contactless procedure. “At the same time excluded the possibility of direct contacts – none of the Commission members or observers to go to the apartment will not” – said the CEC head.

She recalled that since the appointment of the nationwide voting on a former date (April 22), the CEC has done a lot of organizational work.

“We did not sit idly by,” she said.

“we turned out a good start. And the farther to tighten – this reserve will be eroded,” – said the CEC head.