Voting on amendments to the Constitution will be held before the may holidays

a vote on the amendments to the Constitution will be held before the may holidays. This was stated by the co-chair of working group Pavel Krasheninnikov. With regard to the amendments to the basic law of the country, the work continues with the unions, also there are consultations in the regions.

the Procedure of the upcoming nationwide vote on changing the Constitution will be based on the law on presidential elections. According to the participants of the working group these rules will help to make voting as accessible as possible, ensure the trust of citizens and to the process itself, and to the results.

“Take this law precisely because it is ours, it’s safe to say, achievement in the field of electoral legislation. Then we have, by the way, there is such an important new institution in the electoral law, as an independent, non-political observation, and that the Public chamber of the Russian Federation were involved in organising these observations, it will also be true for voting on amendments to the Constitution,” — said Andrei Klishas, a co-chair of the working group on amendments to the Constitution, the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction.

During the voting process will use proven and familiar technology for convenience and transparency of the process. For example, the state automated system “Elections” and “Mobile voter”. More opportunities will be for those who in day of voting will be on the workplace.

“where the number of these people is noticeable, for example, 200-300 or 400 people, we believe that the valid formation of additional sites operating on the same principles that work basic stretches. And recorded in a voting list on this plot is possible only through the “Mobile voter”. This means that the person automatically is deleted from the area to which it is assigned and recorded on the new site. This eliminates any possibility of double holowanie”, — said Nikolay Bulaev, the Deputythe Vice head of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation.

the trade Unions welcomed such measures. The representatives of the associations and propose their own constitutional initiatives. They believe it is important to protect the social rights of workers and to prescribe in the main document, the responsibilities of the government in promoting the principles of social partnership.

“the Main tool of peaceful crisis-free development of society is the reconciliation of interests. Institute of social partnership, i.e. the interaction between the government, unions and employers implies that the path of negotiation. Therefore, we made an offer, I’m sure it will be Podenzano and employers and the government also considers possible for itself to the Constitution, the responsibilities of the government it was written,” said Mikhail Shmakov, Chairman of Federation of independent trade unions of Russia.

amendments to the Constitution are being actively discussed in the Russian regions. Members of the working group held meetings in the republics and regions. The focus themes of social guarantees and protection of sovereignty.

“People asked a lot of questions, comments on these topics, especially because from time to time we and the media like to throw in certain facts, such as the court decision on Yukos once, when told that we have to pay $ 50 billion — apparently contrary to the Russian right decision, especially because we have the constitutional court’s decision on this issue”, — said Klishas.

Not remain on the sidelines of the expert community, and not only Russian. Their opinion on the proposed amendments to the Constitution will Express foreign scientists. Famous legal theorists came to Moscow at the international forum. Well, the next working group meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 25.