The template to tax reform and social security funding (STAF) is extremely broad-based. Not even the SVP, so far most prominent critic of the Association, could become a no-through rings Finally, Maurer (68, SVP) one of the own Federal councillors for the business weibelt with Ueli. Of the Federal house of groups, only Green and green-liberal fight against the tax deal.

Although recent polls, a Yes can expect, there is nervousness in the camp of supporters. Sharp criticism – including by representatives of the CVP and the FDP – earned now, Federal councillor Guy Parmelin (59, SVP).
The Minister of economy was in the vote fight to be visible, says FDP national councillor Daniela Schneeberger (51, BL): “It’s not like that this topic came up over night. It may prepare a Federal Council.” Instead Parmelin Federal President and the Minister of Finance of masons seem to be left to the conviction work.

Switzerland will vote in may on two templates. VIEW explains what it is exactly.

Federal law on tax reform and the AHV financing
The OASI-tax-Deal to understand
Federal decision on the approval and implementation of the note declared exchange between Switzerland and the EU on the Adoption of the Directive Amending the EU arms Directive
The changes in weapons law in 12 points.

Parmelin “hardly noticed”

Parmelins free Democrat predecessor in the Department of Economic Affairs, Federal councillor, Johann Schneider-Ammann (67), was, according to Schneeberger quite different knitted: will Be use for the failure of the corporate tax reform III two years ago was, in retrospect, exemplary.

a little Schneider-Ammann resonates with the sense of liberty in this point, still longing. However, even in the CVP one bothers to Parmelins passivity: national councillor Andrea Gmür (54) says, you have perceived Parmelin in the vote fight, “hardly”.

“In Two weeks time into the stuff

” so the Lucerne, were thousands of jobs on the game. “As the Federal Council held last Wednesday at the Lucerne industrial Association, finally, a plea for a Yes, I did thank him via Twitter,” she says. “But there’s more to come. He now has two weeks time to put into it.”

Parmelin have received in accordance with the Federal Council elections be the desire Department. And there is the case of a business, such as tax reform, already for the second Time a vote would be held, now no period of grace, says Gmür.

The Department of Economic Affairs protests against the accusations of the supposed allies. “For us, this criticism is incomprehensible and absolutely unjustified. We have you all back,” said spokesman Urs Wiedmer.

the Federal Council Parmelin have been used in the last few months on countless occasions for the template continues Wiedmer, but also emphasizes that on the part of the state government, mainly the Federal councillors Maurer and Alain Berset (47, SP) be used for the business. The other Federal councillors would have to use for the Voting documents in the course of their normal activities.

This application, but Parmelins seem to miss civil Partner with him in the past.

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