US President Donald Trump was loudly booed as he paid his respects to late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as calls intensify for him to hold off on nominating a replacement until after the November election.

The president and his wife, Melania, silently paid their respects to Ginsburg on Thursday morning at the Supreme Court, where the recently-deceased judge is lying in state as part of a three-day event to honor her life.

As Trump and the First Lady appeared, a crowd that had gathered across the street began booing the pair and chanting “vote him out.” They also chanted “honor her wish” — a reference to Ginsburg’s “fervent” wish that she not be replaced until a “new president is installed.”

President Trump and @FLOTUS Melania Trump pay thier respects as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lies in Repose at the U.S. Supreme Court. #SCOTUSProtesters chant: “Vote him out!” and “Honor her wish!”

Chants of “Vote him out!” and “Honor her wish!” outside the Supreme Court as the president arrives

That dying wish was passed on through her granddaughter, Clara Spera, and has become a rallying cry for Democrats working to prevent Trump from nominating a third judge to the Supreme Court. 

The president and first lady finished paying their respects and left soon after the chants from the demonstrators began.

Reacting to the incident, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said: “The chants were appalling but certainly to be expected when you’re in the heart of the swamp.”

Trump has promised to promptly fill the empty seat on the Supreme Court. The White House confirmed this week that he will announce his nominee on Saturday, with most speculation swirling about conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett as the potential pick.

Ginsburg, who died at the age of 87, held her position in the nation’s highest court for 27 years.

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