The FIG needs now, apparently, the full attention of the heads of companies. This means that since the resignation of Ulrich Spiesshofer(55) in mid-April (VIEWS reported), Peter Voser (61) and leads the group as CEO and Chairman of the Board in a personal Union. In addition, Voser sat also in the Board of Directors (BOD) of the pharmaceutical giant, Roche – until now. This office of the Aargau from now to the end of the month.

This suggests that the search for a successor for Ulrich Spiesshofer designed to be more difficult than previously thought. And some could take longer. The search started in April with the resignation spiesshofer’s, the exact period for the promulgation of a successor did not want to define FIG.

speculation about the name

speculation circling In the stock Exchange about a possible successor. As “” writes, were in addition to Sulzer, chief Greg Poux-Guillaum (49) also Börje Ekholm (56) of Ericsson and Volvo CEO Martin Lundstedt (52) as a possible candidate to be traded. Names of internal candidates have made it to the round.

But something else could demand the full attention of the acting CEO Voser: Even after the sale of the electricity network business to Japan’s Hitachi actionist shareholders give no rest. Above all, Artisan Partners since mid-April, slightly more than three per cent of the ABB shares.

More split-up of FIG required

Once again, David Samra, the investment chief of the Artisan International Value Fund calls, in an Interview with a fundamental realignment of the Swiss-Swedish technology group.

the sale of The Power Grids is for Samra just the first step. “Now, we expect that as a next step, a further division of ABB in two or maybe even three separate companies as follows,” said Samra on Tuesday to the Online Portal “The Market NZZ”.

The most useful appear to him a sharing in the areas of electrification and factory automation. The activities in the area of Automation should be kept together and the Management should set priorities, where FIG clear competition have advantages, as the Investment Manager.

Just these talks with the investors, require a lot of time. Together with the search for a new CEO to lead FIG in the future, remains, apparently, no more time for the members of the VR of the pharmaceutical giant Roche.