The “SonntagsBlick” has reported: The Swiss Life pays for a building plot on the outskirts of Zurich, 12’718 francs per square meter. The is no Sensation, because the SRG requires, ultimately, only the now usual market price and has received.

But exactly this is the scandal that should force us to carefully think about what is meant by such prices, not only for the buyer and the seller, but for the whole economy and society.

we Expect: In the Area of Leutschenbach 1.7 square meters floor area may be built per square meter of Land. This means in the best case scenario of 1.4 square meters of rentable floor space. A square metre price of 9,000 francs alone for the plot. According to the real estate consultants Wüest Partner Swiss real estate investments shed 3.6 percent net return. 3 percent of the needs of the Swiss Life at least, to be able to get the promised pensions Fund.


For the tenant this means that you j��per square meter of living space in addition to the actual rental costs (for maintenance, repair, administration, heating, etc.) annually 270 francs pure “will have to pay ground-tax”. The are for an apartment of 100 square meters 2250 francs a month, or 20 percent of gross income or twice the amount the average household pays direct taxes. However, for this we receive a counter – power- i.e. schools, police, roads, swimming pools.

The 2250 Swiss francs, a performance wireless Transfer of tenants to the floor owners or the sellers of the expensive plots of land.

We pay for a high station, rent

But we are paying not only as a tenant, but also as consumers. An example: The SBB return siert their stations, and collected in the Zurich main train station to Rent from 3000 to 5000 francs per square meter, with a turnover of CHF 25’000 per square meter. This means that we must pay on each franc, of the we Ville to spend in the Shop 10 to 15 cents land tax.

Clearly, not everyone is 20 percent on income and 10 per cent of the consumer spending must give to the floor owners. Some are also drawn in the suburbs, living in cooperatives, or in an inherited house. But since the real estate property is distributed very one-sided, mean rising land prices, on balance, but a huge redistribution from the bottom to the top. At the same time it is a vicious circle.

difference is greater

How? In accordance with the AHV statistics, the labour income of the poorest tenth since 1982, in real terms, 51 per cent that of the richest tenth, but by 218 percent, and the richest Hundredth of 293 percent – almost three times! – 296’000 Swiss francs a year increased.

the more one-sided distributed capital income. These do not come last out of the possession of real estate whose value has doubled, according to the SNB since 2004, to more than 2000 billion Swiss francs, more than. In the absence of Alternatives, this additional income and assets to be invested in real estate, which in turn increases the prices of land and Rents. And so on.

This distribution mechanism is not yet been researched and discussed. Wrongly, because he not only threatened the social peace. If we spend money for food, entertainment, cars, construction work etc., we will provide employment. Expenditure for land-tax, by contrast, are pure redistribution. They could destroy not only no Jobs, when – simply put – the richest one percent still consumed more. However, the more Golf would then be the courts, third residences, luxury yachts, and the like. Nothing, what is our life more beautiful.

resistor programmed

so Far, we can demand for this failure is still due to record high export surpluses and the net immigration of the necessary investments to some extent compensate. However, we need to put the Problem of “land tax” is finally on the political Agenda.

this is not Easy, however, as each engagement means, but the purpose of a reduction in value of the soil. But our whole system of credit depends.