European commission President Ursula von der Leyen, has Thursday, at a special session of the European Parliament has taken the first reactions from the member states, in the case of the corona disease. “If we in Europe really have for each other, and had, in the beginning, a lot of self-imagined”, to regret them. However, according to the German, it is the trend of the times.

you may Also use ” von der Leyen was able to barely grasp just how much the world has changed since she was a little over two weeks ago, the last time the European hemisphere, there.

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“At the snap of your fingers, it was a virus that came up on the other side of the world for a lethal pandemic with tragic consequences in Europe, according to the President of the commission, determine. Europe has become the epicenter of the global epidemic, with more than a thousand deaths.

in The states, which are responsible for public health and the maintenance of law and order in their respective territories, have responded in widely distributed order on the diffusion of the virus, grenssluitingen, and restrictions on the export of surgical masks and other medical supplies to other member states.

“A crisis has no limits, it can’t be fixed, due to the obstacles between us and throwing”, pointed out that von der Leyen. “This was the first response of many of the member states. That doesn’t make any sense.”
in Solidarity

Von der Leyen got the support of the biggest political families, at the same time. “It’s not one of the European institutions to fail, but on the solidarity between the eu’s national governments”, thundered the Spaniard Esteban Gonzalez Pons, of the christian democratic and conservative EPP. A Frenchman, He is a Bay at the far right end of the ID, by contrast, argued that only the member states, the crisis efficiently. “This will be the last nail in the coffin of a supra-national, and an impotent bureaucracy.”

all The things are on the improve, and states are starting to help, to help themselves. Europe is on the rise.

European commission President Ursula von der Leyen


However, according to von der Leyen has in the past few weeks, national governments, and the growing awareness that no single member state of this global pandemic, only he can. Thus, no state is completely self-manage for example, when it comes to the security of supply of medicines and medical equipment. “Things are on the improve, and states are starting to help, to help themselves. Europe is on the rise.”

the Committee is now working on a European strategic stockpile, and organised a joint procurement of personal protective equipment. It is under pressure from Brussels and export of medical equipment in Europe declined significantly, and the measures to be taken in order for the cross-border movement of goods in the market more smoothly. They also proposed a concrete signals of solidarity, such as the transfer of the patient from the overused, Italy, Germany, or from France to Luxembourg.