Volvo XC90 B5 AWD

2.0 R4 turbo-diesel, 235 HP (173 kW) plus 14 HP (10 kW), 480 Nm@1750/min, 8-speed automatic, all-wheel drive
performance: from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.6 s, top 220 km/h
weight: L/B/H = 4,95/2,14/1,78 m, 2120 kg, the trunk 709-1856 l
consumption: factory 6.0 l/100 km, 158 g of CO2/km, energy G
price: from 81’900 Swiss francs

names are sound and smoke. Who is already looking, if a Mercedes is GLE 350de 4matic, or an Audi A8 60 TFSIe Quattro? The Volvo XC90 D5 used to be, and as it is not needed pondering for a long time that under the hood is a five cylinder Diesel Puttering. Five cylinders, a Quartet was – and now the D5 is gone-Signet. Diesel and diesel – the 235-HP base version of the Volvo flagship is called from the current model of care B5.

The well-known two-liter Diesel is still 235 HP and a maximum torque of 480 Nm from 1750 tours. Significantly less than the competition from Stuttgart, Munich, Wolfsburg, Gaydon or Ingolstadt. The Moment, Volvo – as what was: No new Diesel and more, announced by the brand last year. But for the CO2-reduction seems to need it.

New 48-Volt on-Board network

the D5 should be from now on, thanks to a 48-Volt on-Board network more economical. As for the competition, an integrated starter generator, the 48-Volt-Lithium-ion battery and an intelligent braking energy provide for the additional electric booster-recovery System. The Starter works when braking as a Generator, kinetic energy into electrical energy to convert and the on-Board power charge. The stored energy assists the Diesel then discreetly when Starting or Accelerating. So, a new automatic transmission was introduced, which no longer sorts your eight steps mechanically, but electronically.

The real consumption should be up to 15 percent. On paper the fuel consumption is 6.0 litres per 100 kilometres. With a fuel tank capacity of 71 litres, significantly more than 1000 kilometers in it without refueling. From 0 to 100 four wheelers make it in 7.6 seconds, and top speed of 220 km/h goes for a base diesel of the upper class in order. Means: Even at the maximum speed of the Volvo is implementing its announcement that in the future, only 180 km/h fast, even.

Relaxed interior

The interior of the XC90 creeps to the German competition more than just pre. The seats are very comfortable; even in the rear, allowing you to relax and travel. The same is not true for the optional third-row seat in the cargo space, which is good only for children. The Luggage volume of 709 litres should comply with the wishes of the five-seater all Transportation; anyone who wants can flip the rear seats. Then 1900 liters are available. During the suspension, the customer has the choice between the standard comfort suspension and the variable air spring.

the base price for The Volvo XC90 D5 Momentum is located at 81’900 euros. There are, among other things, electric leather seats, navigation system and 19-inch alloy wheels and comfort suspension. Who is to order options such as heated seats in the rear seat, acoustic glass, rear-view camera or electric passenger seat, drives up the price quickly up. You could order a set of the top Inscription for a minimum of 87’000 euros.