Matthias Sempach (33, swing king, 2013) Matthias Glarner – Pirmin reichmuth, Christian Stucki – Armon Orlik, Samuel Giger, Joel wicki Kilian Wenger – Nick alpiger Daniel Bösch – Sven schurtenberger Matthias Aeschbacher – Benji von Ah

chief-one-piece Samuel Feller has said that he wants to pairings, which are no longer or never has existed for a long time. Therefore, I would divide Glarus against Reichmuth. The two have taken together since 2013. Also, I think it would be nice if the reigning king would compete against the big Zuger hope. Orlik and Stucki have also swung for four years against each other, and the duel Giger counter Wicki this year there was also never. Wenger against Alpiger is a release for me, the duel of two of the least Injured, Bösch against Schurtenberger the clash of two heavyweights and with Aeschbach and Ah, I would have two mount winner on each other.

Ueli Banz (36, vibration expert), Armon Orlik – Matthias glarner Christian Stucki – Pirmin reichmuth, nick Alpiger – Samuel GigerJoel Wicki – Matthias aeschbach Kilian Wenger – Daniel BöschBenji of Ah – Bernhard Kämpf

In the case of Orlik and Glarus is the case is clear: A rematch of the last Federal is located on the Hand. The king retains the upper hand? Or succeed With favorite eagle of victory? Unspunnen and Kilchsberger-winner Christian Stucki and Pirmin Reichmuth have never met. High time, the king’s candidates to each other to let go. Intra-Swiss-winner Alpiger and Giger, who won two mountain festivals, have used this season, never together, so I would start them together. With Wicki and Aeschbacher, we do Not have the strongest-confederates in a pairing. Swing king Kilian Wenger and Daniel Bösch have already won Federal occasions. A 50:50 Response. Rigi-winner of Ah with Bernhard Kämpf one of the best Berner – the last time it came up in 2017, to a duel.

Noldi Ehrensberger (65, swing king, 1977) and Christian Stucki – Pirmin reichmuth Samuel Giger – Joel WickiArmon Orlik – Matthias aeschbach Kilian Wenger, Marcel Mathis, Daniel Bösch – Sven SchurtenbergerBenji Of Ah – Bernhard Kämpf

Stucki against Reichmuth is, for me, on the Hand, because it has given this response yet never. Matthias Aeschbacher has won this season, the Bernese Cantonal and the Schwarzsee lake, that’s why he fits in perfectly to the North-East of the Swiss winner of Orlik. Kilian Wenger was favored in the most recent Federal often of the division, so I wish him this time in the Oscillation the tough Central Switzerland’s Marcel Mathis, who has recently put on the Schwägalp Sami Giger. Giger and Wicki have recently a year ago on the Schwägalp swung, therefore, it is high time for a new edition of this duel. Bösch, and Schurtenberger fit together only because of your Posture great. Rigi-winner Benji von Ah fits great to the Bernese noble engineer Bernhard Kämpf.

Urs Bürgler (48, three times the NOS winner) Christian Stucki – Pirmin reichmuth Samuel Giger – Joel WickiArmon Orlik – Matthias glarner Matthias Aeschbacher – Nick alpiger Daniel Bösch – Sven SchurtenbergerBenji of Ah – Kilian Wenger

Armon Orlik has since the Final round defeat at the last Federal never against Matthias Glarner swinging. Therefore, it is high time for a rematch. Nick Alpiger lost in 2017, the only direct encounter with Matthias Aeschbacher on the North-West Swiss. After Alpigers victory at the intra-Swiss and Aesch Bacher’s in the Bernese Part of the organisation, you can let go of the two very well, once again, to each other. Wicki against Giger, there were already more frequent, but the duel of these two spectacle-transducer I would love to see most every day. And it is high time that Unspunnen-winner Stucki attacks for the first time with the four-times season winner Pirmin Reichmuth together. Benji von Ah triumphed 2015 the last meeting with Kilian Wenger – here, too, the rematch is long overdue.

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