Ukraine would have lost hundreds of tanks and artillery systems and over a thousand combat vehicles in the battle. A senior brigadier general reported in an interview. Together with the deputy defense minister, he is again appealing to the West to supply heavy weapons.

According to a senior general, the Ukrainian army has suffered heavy material losses since the start of the Russian war of aggression. “I’m only talking about heavy weapons. To date we have lost about 30 to 40, sometimes up to 50 percent of gear to active battles. So we lost about 50 percent,” Brigadier General Volodymyr Karpenko told the US magazine National Defense. Specifically, “an estimated 1,300 infantry fighting vehicles, 400 tanks and 700 artillery systems were lost.”

In the interview, Karpenko and Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Denys Sharapov again appealed to the West to supply heavy weapons. “This is a war that is not only taking place in Ukraine, but is affecting the whole world. The distance from Kyiv to Paris is the length of our front line, 2,500 kilometers,” Sharapov said. It is therefore a “common goal to stop Russia’s advance in this war”.

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The fighting in the war is currently concentrated in the eastern Ukrainian Donbass region. The situation is particularly dramatic in the strategically important city of Sievjerodonetsk in the Luhansk region, where the Russian army again bombed the Azot chemical plant on Friday. According to Ukrainian sources, there are more than 560 civilians, including 38 children, in the factory premises.

In the Donetsk region, according to regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko, four civilians were killed by Russian attacks on Friday and six others were injured. According to the authorities, two people died and 20 were injured in the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv on Friday morning. The region’s governor Vitaly Kim said the Russian missile attack happened in a residential area.