Volodin: the state Duma does not translate meetings in online mode

– This is no solution and can not be, – he told reporters, because the State Duma regulations is not provided. The one who offers this format, you should know.

the head of the lower chamber recalled that the deputies of his work in connection with the spread of the coronavirus have already adjusted. First, now instead of three weeks of plenary meetings of the two, which alternate with a week of work of the deputies in the regions and a week of work in committees.

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in addition, the quarantine was sent to those elected officials who have returned from countries where the spread of coronavirus and those who were in contact with them.

– Also we agreed that if someone is not feeling well, but he has the desire to be on the agenda, for a particular bill, then the MP can write, and this will be reflected in the transcript of the meeting, – said the speaker.

In difficult times people’s choices, according to him, needs to step up its work to undertake the solution of problems of the people.

In such situations, the Parliament needs to work more effectively, – said Volodin. – Talking about remote work at this time would be wrong. We see how the President works. The head of state is doing everything to protect the country from the present challenges and coronavirus, and the problems in the economy. We must do everything legally to ensure that the decisions taken by the President and the government.

Photo: Sergei Nikolayev/WG the state Duma will discuss the deprivation of liberty for a term up to 7 years for violation of quarantine

Deputies will be hard work in connection with the current problems in order to effectively counter the spread of the coronavirus Duma is necessary to make important legislative decisions.

So, at the additional meeting of the Duma Council on March 25, deputies will discuss the issue of increasing the punishment for violation of sanitary-epidemiological rules. As previously announced in the state Duma, talking about the punishment for breaking the quarantine, entailed on imprudence mass disease or a poisoning of people. The maximum penalty is deprivation of liberty for a term up to 7 years.

Vyacheslav Volodin also has not excluded that on 26 March, there will be another meeting of the Council of the Duma, it will be held right after a Cabinet meeting. Will be discussed, including the issues of providing assistance to those who fell in the difficult economic situation in connection with the spread of coronavirus.

– it is important for MPs to questions aimed at protecting our citizens, was on the agenda of the State Duma next week, – said Volodin.