Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, in his Declaration for the year 2019 indicated an income of 100,2 million rubles, follows from the data published on the official website of the lower house of Parliament.

In addition, the Chairman of the chamber in its Declaration indicated that his individual use of a land parcel, residential and two guest houses, one with three Parking lots, apartment Parking space, two non-residential and commercial buildings, as well as the greenhouse and the wastewater treatment plant. Volodin also leases a plot of land.

In 2018, the speaker of the house indicated income in the amount of 71.7 million rubles, more than half of this amount, nearly 39 million, it has sent to charity. According to his adviser Anastasia Kashevarova, in 2019 Volodin donated for various purposes, more than 45 million rubles.