Volodin called the fight against the coronavirus priority in the work of the state Duma

As stated by the speaker, must be done through legislative changes to ensure that the decisions of the government and the coordinating Council, which was created headed by the Prime Minister.

they Often require changes to the legislation, he said.

Volodin said that the agenda of this week a number of bills in this sphere. The state Duma has accelerated their consideration. As previously reported, this week the state Duma plans to make a final project about the fixation of prices for medicines and other documents that will help in a situation of the spread of coronavirus. In this list, and the project on distance selling of drugs.

Photo: Sergey Pyatakov/ RIA Novosti Sobyanin announced the extension of restrictive measures for coronavirus

– It does not mean that we are in a hurry can go on poor-quality decisions, because they are worked out, – said the speaker, is just this a high priority and relevant committees, and our legal Department, and also experts who now participate in the work via remote access.

– a Lot depends on each of us, so that we, knowing this, did everything to ensure that people were protected and not injured, he stressed.

Volodin in this regard, noted that a number of parliamentarians are quarantined. A number of representatives of LDPR and “United Russia” passed meeting on the grounds of ignoring a state Duma Deputy Sergei Katasonova quarantine after returning from France. This is “the fault of our colleagues who felt it was not possible to fulfill the requirements”, – said Volodin.

– So if we follow the execution of the regulations does not hurt those who are near. I would like to set an example in this, – he addressed colleagues.

Responding to remarks from the floor, the head of the lower chamber advised: “If you feel bad, you have to pass the test. No need to escalate, everyone is looking at us. Panic is a bad thing. It causes great damage.”

He urged MPs not only become more involved in the decision-making process to combat the scourge, but also during the visits in their regions to examine the situation in the cities, villages. “To do all that we have won this serious challenge, which came to the planet,” he said Volodin.