Wait, are you talking about? You think, what you call, what’s the point of these calls? – appealed to their authors Volodin. – Do you want the country worse? You want standards that will enhance the quality of life was not accepted? This is go against the people, to make such proposals. Can’t do that.

He criticized politicians who “sing along with those from abroad criticizing and trying to disrupt” the adoption of the amendments to the Constitution.

when any political party begins to link up with the Venetian Commission and other votes abroad, it suggests that the desire for power is so great that it negates the interests of citizens and the state, – said Volodin.

Earlier, the speaker reported that he did not agree with Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov, who urged Communists not to vote for the amendment. Dismissing them, the party opposed social achievements against the strong countries, said Volodin in interview Газете.Ru.

with regard to the Venice Commission, it is, we recall, opposed the proposed amendment, which defines the priority of the Constitution over the decisions of intergovernmental organizations, if they violate the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens.

Vyacheslav Volodin called absolutely clear that the amendments proposed for voting strengthen Russia. “Support for standards will ensure the development in the country. Every vote will make the country stronger,” – said Volodin.

specifically the adoption of the amendments on the priority of the Constitution over international law would strengthen the country’s sovereignty and enable it for the first time since 1993, to rely on their own rules of the basic law in the event of their contradiction with the international.

According to Volodina, USA and the Venice Commission do not want Russia was a sovereign state. “In the United States of America the Constitution is the basis for decision-making, and nothing can contradict it. But for Russia want to take the role of a country that does not have the right to determine their destiny,” – said the Chairman of the lower house.

the Rules of the social state will have specific content. “The state shall guarantee: if wages of not less than the minimum subsistence level, if the pension, then the mandatory indexation”, – said the head of the lower house. And in health – is a guarantee of quality, accessible, effective medical care. Talking about possibilities “to protect the person, to solve his problems regardless of whether he has medical insurance or not.”

the Fact that the adoption of these amendments should, in the opinion of the Chairman of the state Duma, proved by life itself – including, now, the situation with coronavirus infection.

At the same time fastening in the Constitution of the Russian restrictions to a number of civil servants of high rank ��and dual citizenship and keeping money abroad will improve the quality of power. “People who come to public service, are elected to elected positions should understand that they are going to serve their country, the people who elect them. And there can not be such that the person has two homelands, two passports,” – said Volodin.

in addition, the amendments put to a nationwide vote, much will change in the relations of the state Duma and the government, the deputies will have to monitor the quality of work of Ministers, for which they voted. “A huge responsibility falls on the deputies, so the quality of the work has to be different, – the speaker continued. – Of course, interaction with government must be different, because today, the MPs are hiding behind the government, and we here at anything – it’s the government that made the decision or the Minister is derelict”. Now, the politician is sure, such conversations would be inappropriate.

In the end, says Volodin, “conflict, demagoguery, spectacles needs to go back in time”, will be “more meaningful work”.