– these reserves are solved many of the problems are social obligations, despite the slowdown of the economy, he said. – We don’t have today questions related to the fulfillment of social obligations. And much of the credit for this President. After all, he initiated that we need to build reserves.

This, according to Volodina, it was necessary to ensure that in the event of declining oil prices and problems in the economy to have a safety cushion that will allow Russia to continue to fulfill the obligations to citizens.

He also noted that decisions on the support of citizens and business in terms of coronavirus taken by the President, effective but a lot depends on how these measures are implemented by Federal and regional officials.

Vyacheslav Volodin also compared the situation in Russia and in the West.

– If you compare the situation in our country and in other countries, the United States of America, in this situation, it is evident that many countries cannot cope with the challenges, there’s more – said Volodin.

He added that many looked at US “as an icon”, but as a result of the health care system of this country could not stand the test of coronavirus.

Twenty – seven millions of citizens behind medical services, – said the head of the lower house. They are unable to help, and it must be admitted. Therefore, a high mortality rate.

He recalled that many Americans don’t have health insurance.

the Speaker in this regard said about the efficiency of the Russian approach to solving problems on the background of the situation with coronavirus. Targeted provision of financial support to the population, and availability of medicine.