– the Relevant ministries of our countries have achieved the convergence of all participants of the negotiations on the abolition of roaming on the territory of the Union state, quoted Volodin in the message a press-services. The decision should be before the end of this year.

deputies of the parliaments of the two countries, he said, are ready to ratify the agreement between the two countries on mutual recognition of visas was signed on June 19.

– This is an extremely important decision will contribute to the creation of a unified migration and tourist space of the Union state, – said Volodin.

He also noted that before the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia has the task to harmonize legislations of the countries, the strengthening of the allied relations in the parliamentary dimension.

Another theme of the 58th session, the speaker will be the approximation of the legislation of Russia and Belarus, and discussion of the implementation of the Union budget. “I want to draw your attention to the insufficient efficiency of its use. Four of the 12 programs showed cash performance in the first half of this year – less than 60%”, – he noted.

Russian speaker, in addition, raised the issue of the protection of historical memory, as described in the updated Constitution. “Today, when the world waged war monuments, erased historical memory, our countries are doing everything to protect the truth about the Victory of the Soviet people in the great Patriotic war”, – said Volodin.