Volodin: Amendments to the Constitution relate to each Russian

– it is extremely important to realize that the issue of amending the Constitution is not the only question the country’s leadership and deputies, – said the head of the lower house, the TV channel “Russia 24”. Is a question each. And every citizen needs to find the idea yourself and see what his rights and freedoms protected in the Constitution, these new norms.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Krasheninnikov: the Principle of the secular state remains inviolable

He also stressed that the norms of the current Constitution proclaiming Russia a social state, will receive with the entry into force of the amendments real meaning.

Today in the amendments that were introduced by the President, said that our country must do everything possible to improve the welfare of people, – said Volodin.

In the basic law, the spokesman recalled, it is proposed to prescribe specific issues “that the wages were not below the minimum subsistence level to the indexation of pensions at least once a year were held, and many other issues in respect of maternity and childhood”.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov/ RIA Novosti Mishustin instructed to begin preparations for the vote on the Constitution

– We believe that this work is extremely important, and upon completion will be submitted the amendments to a vote, supporting that we will reach a Constitution that reflects today respond to calls, – said Volodin.

He also said that the turnout for the national vote on the law on amendments largely depend on how active this topic is discussed in the media. The head of the lower house in connection with this noticed that does not always important for a country theme fall into the news agenda.

As expected, the state Duma will consider the bill on the amendment of the Constitution in the second reading on March 10.