Six years after the EM-Premiere in their own country, as Switzerland qualified as hosts, playing with the Volley-women team from Friday again on the European stage. In the EM-group D in Bratislava, the group opponent Germany, Slovakia, Russia, Spain and Belarus hot.

The young Team of the national team Coach Timo Lippuner has nothing to lose. From the 2013 squad has no player in it any more. Only three are currently playing abroad: Maja Storck (Aachen), Laura Künzler (Vilsbiburg) and Olivia Wassner (Washington, DC).

Captain and outside attacker Künzler is in front of the opening of the European championship to be optimistic. The 22-Year-old says: “We are convinced that we can create an Exploit!” In order to achieve the eighth-finals, it must be Switzerland, at least one group fourth. The way goes through Slovakia and Spain.

First, the chunks of Germany, but wait. Nati-Trainer Lippuner: “We are clear outsiders and want to try with good serves to take your Central attackers out of the game.”

The 20-year-old Bundesliga-Legionnaire and Diagonal player Maja Storck takes to the EM-Start their 13 team mates under the magnifying glass. What betrays the 184-centimeter-wide attacker all Surprising, here:

Julie Lengweiler (no. 1, 20 years old, 186 cm, Outside/Diagonal)

“Julie speaks with her Thurgau dialect so quickly, we understand you sometimes, barely. It is universally applicable and their use is not always reliable.”

Livia Zaugg (no. 3, 23 years, 180 cm, Outside)

“Livia, a positive energy that radiates. Thanks to its established nature, it is both on and off the field, a great asset. If you are in the attack with your Hammer, is it for the opponent uncomfortable.”

Gabi Schottroff (no. 4, 22 years old, 192 cm, mid)

“Gäbuum” (so the Team Gabis block points) will be celebrating! Our block monster has saved our Defense is already
in front of many attacks. With its nearly two Meter body size hits you for
the Block.”

Thays Deprati (no. 5, 27 years old, 172 cm, Libera)

“grandma Thays” brings with her experience a lot of peace into the game. A voice talent she is. As you
speaks, besides German, also fluent in French, Italian, Portuguese, and English,, then you often
as a Team interpreter.”

Madlaina Matter (no. 6, 22 years, 183 cm, mid)

“We call you ‘Dr. Madlaina Matter’. As a medical student, she is our unofficial team doctor. With your
quick arm Stroke makes for a lot of points on the front of the net. Madlaina is the example that shows that the medium block game, good Defense can be.”

Méline Pierret (no. 7, 20 years, 175 cm, Pass)

“With your clumsy kind, and your wit Méline, the klutz “has tricked” some
opponents (and teammates). Although they can be used as a Setter, it is not often on the
attack points, she carries with her strong Service again and again to score points.”

Sarina Brunner (no. 9, 22 years old, 178 cm, Outside)

“Sarina “issues” not on the field but in the air. Thanks to your incredible jump height, the block hands of their opponents had faith already often. ‘Sarina aka The hang-time’ is our Blockout-specialist.”

Samira Sulser (no 10, 23 years old, 187 cm, in the middle/diagonally)

“With your kind-hearted Sargans country dialect she always brings us back to the Smile. Thanks to the
stark angles of Attack, it fails on almost every double-block over.”

Sarah Trösch (no. 11, 24 years old, 176 cm, Pass)

“In the output, we may, although very rarely – but thanks to Sarah every game to the Party. It pushes us
all the best, and as an experienced Setter, the rest reserves, even in difficult situations.”

Xenia Staffelbach (no. 13, 21 years old, 185 cm, mid)

“If the music fails, Xenia always up for a live concert. On your serve
you can always rely. It is no coincidence that we have a service winner of Xenia brought the decisive point for
the EM-Quali.”

Laura Künzler (no. 14, 22 years old, 189 cm, Outside)

“For you is “Üüüber the clouds”. With your blatant high tee height, and its variable game goes for the Team is always successful in the hunt for points. It takes a lot of responsibility as Captain. In Bratislava, you is my roommate. We know from our time together at Sm’Aesch Pfeffingen very well.”

Olivia Wassner (no 20, 20 years old, 186 cm, Pass)

“The “all-knowing Olivia” is our personal Google. With your Passeur feints, she has brought many
opponents to Despair.”

Mathilde angel (no. 21, 17 years old, 166 cm, Libera)

“Team Chicks, that brings all Laugh. Scratch us in the defense of any Ball. With their
seventeen-year-old carefree attitude, you can survive in any pressure situation.”

14.30 Switzerland – Germany

20.00 Switzerland – Slovakia

20.00 Switzerland – Russia

17.30 Switzerland – Spain

18.00 Switzerland – white Russia