Volleyball player of the Fakel from Novy Urengoy Alexander Chimer involved in the games of the Russian team staged a traffic conflict with the driver of the car-share in New Moscow, reports TASS citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

the Athlete who was driving the SUV, didn’t like the way ahead of him the driver is driving by car-share. Eventually he began to maneuver, forcing other road users to stop and exit the vehicle. At some point, the car-share car stopped, and then 23-year-old Chimer struck several blows on the vehicle.

the Victim addressed with the statement to the police about the attack. The Torch also announced that they will understand the actions of their players.

This is not the first case when the Chimer attracted attention with their behavior. In 2017, he staged a scandal in the plane of the airline “Victory” due to the fact that they paid for the place was uncomfortable. High volleyball player was nowhere to put my legs, and he put my legs into the aisle, which is strictly prohibited. As a result of quarrels with the representatives of the crew, he was denied the flight.