Among Europeans Volgograd for historical reasons, traditionally enjoys the greatest interest of the Germans. And tourism in Russia – one of the main directions of the German company. Previously on the website have been suggestions in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the “Golden ring”. Now there is a two-day trip on the Volga.

the routes with a Patriotic theme, a visit to the former German colony of Sarepta, and visits to Volzhskiy, Dubovka and the don.

– the Target audience of tours covers various age and social groups of families with children, youth, couples, single tourists. The package includes: transfer from the railway station or the airport to the hotel and back, accommodation for a night or two (there are one-day programs without accommodation in hotel), meals, excursion program, – told in the administration of the Volgograd region.

But then still have to wait for the opening of borders. And still have time for interregional trips. And it is important to establish cooperation between neighbors. So, the Volgograd region signed the relevant agreements with the Saratov and Voronezh. Interaction will not only in the exchange of advertising materials, but also in the formation of interesting for the people routes.

the development of domestic tourism has joined the Railways. There is the solution for the creation and promotion of a joint product. At the Volgograd railway communication with all neighbors, in addition to Elista. But the number of flights is different. To Saratov, for example, to drive no problem several times a day. To Astrakhan once a day, and to Rostov-on-don do not on each number sell tickets. To get to Voronezh, and not only with transfers. But, for example, to get to the unique salt lake El’ton preferred it on the train.

Well just camping you want to do more organized. There is a pandemic, even helped by giving extra time.

– Restrictions on tourists natural parks are used as an opportunity to better prepare recreational facilities for the tourist season. Thus, the staff of the Park “Shcherbakovsky” the landscaped green Park “Volga Switzerland” repaired picnic areas, removed fallen trees. On the ecological trail updated information booths, equipped with comfortable descent, established creative benches, – noted in the oblkompriroda.

All may settled in the green Parking lot on the banks of the don: they collected twigs, leaves, and household waste. To separate the Parking and accommodation for planted trees. In the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain Saturdays spent at favorite vacation spots – on Akhtuba and near springs Camel and Sugar.

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