The money in The business network Voka estimates of the economic damage caused by the coronapandemie is now at 40 million euros. That said, the employers ‘ organization, on the basis of a new survey. Last week’s estimate of Voka, the damage of 16 billion euros every year.

in Accordance with the Voka will see 84 per cent of the Flemish industry sales decline, which is at 30 per cent it is almost completely gone. The survey also revealed that half of the companies are in temporary unemployment, and have applied for, and a further 10 per cent say in the next few weeks to do it. Furthermore, it says, half of the participants liquiditieitsproblemen to have it.

This is a crisis that threatens at least three times as heavy as the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009.

Hans Maertens (Voka)

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“We are able to calculate the impact of the crisis on the economy, on the basis of the figures of our survey,” said managing director Hans Maertens. “The damage is already a 40 billion euro. There will be a recession of around 7 percent and the measures will continue until the end of april. The result of this is that this crisis is at least three times as heavy risk, the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009.”

“the Three changes”

Voka is grateful for the measures taken by the government have already been taken into account, but the slide itself is still the “three changes” to the front. The group wants the federal government to be the first month in guaranteed income in case of illness takes over, asks for eenprestatiepremie 150 eurovoor employees who are out of work and want to have the option of short-term unemployment, and to combine it with another job.

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