Voice big story: on the channel

Before the release of the most anticipated movie of serial spring “zulaikha opens his eyes,” the TV channel “Russia 1” for the first time held a press conference online. Journalists were able to see a few episodes of the series, and then the General Director of the channel Anton Zlatopolsky, the Director Yegor Anashkin, the main cast and the author of the novel Guzel Yakhina told what to expect from the premiere.

“Now we present outstanding, in my opinion, the work is “zulaikha opens his eyes”. I think the fun of the series will get a wide audience, and intellectuals” — said General Director of TV channel “Russia 1”, producer Anton Zlatopolsky.

He also explained that the delay in the premiere was motivated by a desire to pay as much attention to all the details. In particular, the preparation of the desired titles took a month. But in the end the team managed not to lose an amazing language and imagery of the novel.

“Turned out to be independent, bright, talented work, which is entirely in unison with what was written by the author”, — he stressed.

In turn, the writer Guzel Yakhina said that initially the project was laid by the high level of artistic decisions, so everything had a value and budget, and directing the work and acting the idea.

“the painting is the voice of big history. It’s not just the drama of two loving people amid signs the GULAG, and the history of all the people around them. I wanted the novel was not a history textbook, and artwork. I think all this is met,” she said.

the Painting was dedicated to the tragic events of the 1930-ies. At the time of dispossession from the Tatar peasant Salahi killed her husband, and the woman is sent via the hard route to Siberia. In the taiga without food and shelter for their right to life are forced together to defend the illiterate peasants and intelligenyou, Christians, Muslims, atheists, Russians, Tatars and Chuvash.

According to the Director Yegor Anashkina, a movie about this tragic page in the history of our country is now more relevant than ever.

“the Memory of those events must be maintained so that never happened again. To create a project that would be able to tell you about the events of those years demanded a great deal of energy from everyone,” he said.

the Role in the film played Chulpan Khamatova, Sergey Makovetskiy, Elena Shevchenko, Yulia Peresild, Roman Madyanov, Alexander Sirin, Evgeny Morozov, Dmitry Kulichkov, Aleksandr Bashirov, Ramil Sabitov, Roza Khairullina, Semyon Shkalikov, and others.

the Premiere of a multiseries film “zulaikha opens his eyes,” will be held in the spring on the channel “Russia 1”.