Vodonaeva commented on the questioning in her controversial post about

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TV Presenter Alain Vodonaeva called the behavior of the police during the interrogation, correct and intelligent.

She said that has no claims to him, since everything was “civilized, intelligent, calmly, correctly and sensitively”. “They received a complaint and have to investigate”, – quotes Vodonaevu RIA Novosti.

the Conversation lasted half an hour. The presenter said that the police showed her the printout of the post and asked to clarify statements.

Vodonaeva said that will continue carefully to find the words. Her lawyer, Catherine Gordon said that the results of the inspection will depend on the linguistic expertise. She added that the defense will hold its examination.

“There is a prospect of article 282 and fine. If we feel that it is pressured and attempts to pull the article, we will ask the public to support us”, – said Gordon.

She expressed confidence that in the post it doveritelnyi not constitute any criminal offence, nor administrative offence.

the Scandalous statement was associated with the parent capital. The former participant “Houses-2” wrote that the desperate poverty of the Russians and “cattle”, which “is not enough for a bottle of vodka”, will give birth to a few children for the sake of social benefits. The problem, in her opinion, not their size, but the standard of living of Russians.

the Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin considers that deputies and government officials should pay attention to such insults of the Russians, and to respond to them. He believes that the broadcaster should pay the penalty for your post.

She also offered to appoint such punishment in the first place by the officials, Recalling some of the most scandalous. Vodonaeva called a good way of replenishment record everything MPs say in the political show.

Vladimir Putin has called “moral monsters” of those who oppose support for families with children. He admitted that he could not afford sowow to imagine. The Russian leader said that these people must continue to speak: “crap every visible it will be.”

Vodonaeva came to the police because of a post about demography and abortion

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