the Leader of LDPR has suggested to discuss the idea of the elimination of the Federation Council.

“In Russia a lot of unnecessary MPs and officials. You need to halve the apparatus of officials and a number of deputies in the parliaments of all levels. Including in the State Duma and the Moscow city Duma. It is also worth to discuss the possibility of liquidation of the Federation Council,” — wrote Mr. Zhirinovsky on Twitter.

press service the party then added that the state Duma is more directly represents the interests of regions, as half of the chamber is elected directly in single member constituencies, and that “the opportunity to think about the functionality of the Federation Council”.

the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on rules Vyacheslav Timchenko, the proposal of the LDPR leader called PR. “Vladimir Zhirinovsky always had outrageous statements, not corresponding to reality. This is political PR, nothing more”, — said Mr. Timchenko, “RIA Novosti”.

the Chairman of the Duma Committee for the control and regulations of Mikhail Romanov (“United Russia”) has reminded that recently the state Duma has passed the law on amendments to the Constitution, part of which concerns the Federation Council. The liberal democratic party, the amendment was supported, reminded Mr. Romanov, “then this question is not sounded”. “The proposals, as far as I know, these are not considered”, — he stressed.