Vladimir Vysotsky dedicated to Mary Gotovceva one of the best

I asked you: – Why go to the mountains you?

are you up to the top was, and you rvalasya in battle.

– Because Elbrus and the plane shows great!

you Laughed, and took with him.


do Not doubt, Maria Frolovna that you have a home in the place of honor hangs the poster with the “Vertical”. Photos of mountains on the walls you see dried Edelweiss in the frame is there, too, but the poster of the film…

– Must lie somewhere in the closet. Of course, if someone of the guests brought with them as a souvenir. I have nothing left – no photos from the filming of the picture or CDs with songs of Vladimir Vysotsky, which he gave once. I have no regrets. What store? Once people took on the memory, then they need to.

Want to say that “Vertical” is just an episode, not the main page of your life?

– of Course. Here climbing – Yes, this is real. Still regularly go to the mountains. In the past year has been to Bezengi. The most beautiful place in Kabardino-Balkaria. Tale! Of course, the tops did not storm, but on the slopes walked in his pleasure. Got a charge of vivacity for the year ahead.

Maria Frolovna gotovtseva – climbing cavalier of the order “Edelweiss” and a charming woman.

Back to the film. Long time ago watched it the last time?

– I do Not remember. Maybe ten years ago. Or fifteen. I can’t say that this is my favorite picture. However, thanks to her, met with Stanislav Govorukhin and Vladimir Vysotsky. Volodya took my first lessons in climbing. He was interested in everything, he acted in good faith and responsibly. If taken to do something, he will give their hundred percent, not shirk, not Tinker.

With the crew constantly worked two coaches, me and Anatoly Sysoev. Vladimir was then twenty-eight lem, I’m thirty – six, and Tole – forty-two years, and Vysotsky treated him like a father. They are very good friends, Volodya told Tole. And then something was shared with me.

Before filming Vysotsky broke up with his wife. Officially, they’re not divorced yet, but in fact the family broke up. Little sons, Arkady and Nikita stayed with my mom. Volodya was very worried because of what happened a month were sent to the wife alimony. For this, they with him went to the post. Vysotsky was sent the translation itself, voluntarily. Treated as a duty to paternal responsibilities. Well, the adults broke up – sometimes, but the children are innocent, why deprive them and further punish? And so they are the injured party.

– a Large amount was being transferred?

I did not report. Yes, I was not interested, to be honest. I say, they both went with him to the village Elbrus and from there sent money.

In principle, a post office was in Terskol, which was located closer to the camp, but there was always a crowd of people, and, you know, Vysotsky said, “Let’s go further out, where people are smaller, so I didn’t react”. Tried once again not to Shine on the audience, not climb on the eyes.


did you listen to the songs of Vladimir Semenovich before met in person?

– of Course. Vysotsky then still not widely toured, but the tape recordings from the concerts, walking in the country. But one thing – an inferior copy to the reel jammed, another performance artist directly in front of you, in a close circle.

once Volodya was invited to the mountaineering camp “the locomotive” in the gorge Adylsu. Called the local instructors. He could have refused, citing fatigue after the shooting, but agreed, in fact, staging an evening of song. Played for a long time, stayed overnight because it was too late to return.

And you went with him?

– No, carried. Vysotsky often sang for us, even asking was not necessary.

So, don’t put the star?

‘ Nothing of the sort. Behaved modestly, democratic, peace.

it Was evident that he was pleased when songs were to perform a particular…

Four songs in the movie “the Vertical” made of Vladimir Vysotsky very popular.

– anything You ordered?

– I was happy, I liked to listen to Vysotsky. After all, sang about war, love, the mountains, politics, romance… Even I could not believe that was composed by one person, so different everything sounded.

For “Vertical”, he specifically wrote a few songs…

– the film includes four. “Song about a friend”.

“If the friend has appeared suddenly…”

– “the ballad of the Alpine shooters”.

– “Shimmering sunset, as the Shine of the blade…”

– “Top”.

“this is not a plain…”

And “farewell to the mountains”.

“In vanity of cities and in traffic…”

Yes, that’s all.

Four songs in the movie “the Vertical” made of Vladimir Vysotsky very popular.About the character

kind of loop.

– We did not notice when Vysotsky wrote songs. If they themselves developed. And Slavka Govorukhin, when I first heard them, said: “As I read my thoughts”. Volodya said, “Yes I did it on purpose”. The guys immediately picked up a song like they wrote a professional climber, a lifetime walking in the mountains.

is it true that “the Climber” Vladimir Semenovich, you have dedicated?

– it is. Although the song in the film not included, and the episode for which it was written, the administration threw during installation.

But the boy told Tole that came up with the “Climber” just for me.

sign In Osothe I relations?

– Not in the sense in which you could think of. We have become friends. Real. Volodya was the normal concept and the correct, honest view of life. To me and other instructors he was treated with respect. Saw Vysotsky sincerely admire the climbers. He told me that hardly would be able to climb mountains like we do. Supposedly, gunpowder would not be enough. Openly admitted: “To such bunk would never climb”. Volodya was not afraid to say what he thinks. In this manifestation of his identity. He was a big fellow. Only an accident. I felt sorry for him. Good boy, good.

Weird. Usually Vysotsky characterize in other words.

– well, I, you know, it’s a shame when he is depicted in some slutty, cheeky. In fact he was humble. It seemed to me, in the life of Volodya played a major role his parents ‘ divorce. They broke up when he turned six years old. His father served in the army, returned from the front with his new wife, took his son to him, and together they went to Germany. Volodya told me that the stepmother treated him well. Watered, fed, shod, clothed. “But, you know, – added Vysotsky, – I felt that she was a stranger”.

then, many years later, when he withdraws from life, we are invited to our climbing club mother of Vladimir Vysotsky, and I was deeply impressed that she talked about it as an outsider, some neighbor kid. Cold and detached. And it’s not just my opinion. Mothers always love to tell about the sons, and here was an enumeration of biographical facts. Maybe she was estranged from him, yet lived without it? I don’t know…

– Yes?

– Yes, what do I have that right? Observations are divided. Vysotsky gave the impression of a lonely man, although around constantly wound people. I somehow think that Marina Vlady he had contacted out of desperation, the love was there relative. A foreign woman, beauty, star… to move to Russia did not, he was up and down there. Bought him a car. Volodya gave three concerts a day, but it is believed that Mercedes had given to Marina.

However, everyone has their own life, by always easier to give out scores. Moreover, I long was closely associated with Vysotsky – only during the work on the “Vertical”.

“what are you up to the top was, and you rvalasya in battle…” Photo: RIA Novosti movie

– how did you get to the set, Maria Frolovna?

– Thank you, comrade Stalin.

– What?

– At the time, he issued a decree by which all who had the climbing skills, had the right every year the three summer months to spend in the mountains, to train. Even given the holiday. However, without pay, at his own expense.

– This was done in case of a new war?

– Exactly! During the great Patriotic war in the Caucasus was operating the German division “Edelweiss” with trained Rangers, and our command had to withdraw from the front and assemble in Tbilisi professional climbers to those confronted in the mountains of the enemy. But it happened closer to the end of the war.

the lesson was learned, and we regularly went to training camp. Climbing I became involved… scary to say the number… more than seventy years ago, in 1949. In 1953 he received the title of master of sports, and then repeatedly confirmed their qualification.

Photo: Bozukov Valentin/TASS the First Soviet conqueror of Everest was the son of the enemy of the people

I Went to the mountains every season, no summer is not missed. Even pregnant went to the camp. When the doctor found out, he wagged his finger at his temple: “You what?” I said, “All right! Going to have a Alpinist. Let gets used”. However, I have some girls. The daughter of Lily and granddaughter Natasha mountains never got sick, even though I’ve dragged them along. Natasha to fourteen years of age endured, and then refused to ride, said that the bad feeling in the highlands. Well, I fell behind. As they say, love can not be.

for Me climbing has always brought joy, could do them for days on end, improving their skills.

And the movie turned out. The coach was Michael Anofrikov, honored master of sports of the USSR, a war veteran. Mikhail Ivanovich decided to shoot a film about the climbers. Before that came out in the documentary, but just kind of boring, uninteresting, wrong. And here we are gathered Ushba. It is a mountain in the ravine Shkhelda, very complex, double-headed.

Spartakovka Maria gotovtseva (left) with a friend.

camping Anofrikov took the disciples of Spartacus. I also played for the red-white society. In our team except the coach were four – Shaliko Margiani from Svaneti Moscow and two boys, Mike and Gridnev Victor Buslaev.

the assault Ushba we went August 16, in base camp went down on the 31st. The ascent took two weeks. The whole process was filmed, what we are actually late, otherwise would’ve done it faster. The film “If mountains could talk” was involved in a major film festival in Italy, earned it the prize.

Then we were in the Caucasus came to the famous mountain climber John hunt, conqueror of Everest. He also wanted to climb Ushba. Complexity peaks are similar, even though Everest is almost twice as high. When the hunt team began to rise, the weather turned bad, snow. They stayed in tents for two days and came back. John told me: “You’re fortunate. Ushba let you in, and we are not.” Interesting was the guy. Tall, slim, a real climber.

Tea in the mountains. Maria gotovtseva and actress Larisa Luzhin in the film “VerTikal”.Of tea

still, let’s about the “Vertical”…

– in the Summer of 1966 I was going to go instructor in the camp Tsey, but from there I wrote that first few people. They say, don’t go backpacking. Well, I went to Michael Anofrikov for advice. Say: “Mikhail Ivanovich, I’ve already made a vacation of three months. Where to go now, then?” He said, “you Decide, wait a minute.” Picked up the phone and began to dial a long distance relationship. Then, because mobile was not, in other cities and countries call through the operator.

it Turned out, Anofrikov already had a preliminary interview with Govorukhin about our participation in the feature film about the climbers by order of the Odessa film Studio.

Photo: Herbert Bagdasaryan/TASS Why Shavarsh Karapetyan was not given Hero of the Soviet Union

Mikhail began to tell that selected a group of professionals, masters of sports, who themselves will go to any vertex, and actors ready to help, prompt, learn. Anofrikov warned: the men’s team, but it will be one woman. “Masha gotovtseva, my pupil, student”. Govorukhin readily agreed: “Good.” And why would Slavka mind if I offer qualified?

I went to the camp “Baksan”. Then there began to catch up the actors.

– the plot because it was planned to shoot in Svaneti, in the vicinity of Op-Tau?

– no, No! The shooting took place under peak near the Shchurovsky and the Ushba icefall. It is in the Elbrus region. But Svaneti is located in Georgia, on the other side of the Great Caucasus range.

Mikhail took a film crew, the film, in fact, already filmed, will have only a few episodes. Strictly speaking, a walk around the beautiful places.

In Svaneti in the mountains inexperienced actors, it would be harder here Anofrikov and chose a basic platform for the so-called “Shelter of the Germans.” There is a huge plateau where you can go left and right at different heights. Again – the views are fabulous.

Mountain tale.

which artists came first?

– Volodya. In early July, gathered the remaining members. First we lived in the camp, “Baksan”, located in small huts. Vysotskiy – together with all, no extra features he did not create. Even thought this did not arise. Volodya was what is called, no complaints, never heard to grumble or complain. However, after some time the crew moved to the hotel “Itkol”. It now remained habitable. Of course, not a Palace, but all the same home comforts more than in the base camp.

And Tolya stayed at the same place. Of their considerations.

– What?

Well… the Actors every night was a late night, bawling songs, drank tea.

– And nothing stronger?

– everything can happen, the truth is…

And we have a strict sports regime, during the camp – the building three times a day, worse than in the army. So, Tolya and worked with the crew the necessary elements in the mountains and went to the base camp. Classes began at nine in the morning and lasted up to two hours. Then it all came back. We saw artists in the “Itkol”, where they rested, relaxed and went to her “Baksan”.

We were taught at ten-day accelerated program for novice climbers. The task was to acquaint wards with the technique of walking and insurance for all types of mountain terrain. Load was a great. Only the road to the place of training took two to three hours.

of Course, the artists were tired. So Thank Govorukhin hired a helicopter and thrown the tents on “the Shelter of the Germans.” In one staged kitchen in the other the dining-room. Small lived. Normally, everyone was happy. In Moscow because ever rushed to raise his head in no time, and in the Caucasus, the beauty is indescribable. Sunrises, sunsets, the sky is bottomless, the stars on the palms… in addition, many members of the crew first came to the mountains. Volodya, it seems to me, too. He immediately fell in love with them.

“Volodya immediately fell in love with the mountains…”About a student

A disciple was obedient?

No complaints! Unquestioningly fulfilled the requirements. Remember, I worked on a glacier Kashkatash, learned to walk on the crack, you can rappel down so that one foot rested against the right wall, and the second to the left. To focus and sustainability were covered with an ice pick. Everyone had to pass in the bundle first, and then the rear end. At first was on good ice, not broken, but gradually it crumbled, I had a leg to stick with the power to “cat” stood up. I warned Larissa Luzhin, which was moving for me: “Tight punch” – but she walked, as if on smooth asphalt, the result slipped and boomed and fell.

And the height was what?

Well, life was not threatened. On the other hand, Larissa was enough to get scared. Legs went, she lost her balance and fell on the fifth point. It was a good lesson for all: it seems almost to a level place, and a man down. I repeated the crew: be careful, the mountains do not forgive negligence and error. After that episode and Vysotsky differently went downhill, literally drove the “cat” in the ice.

And then one of the neighboring vertices died instructor George Guluk. We realized that we had an emergency when he saw our camp are a few of the four rescuers.

George was an experienced climber, participated in the so-called wall climbing, and then the trouble was peeled off the plate and literally ran over him. Iwloc as he could, pressed back against the wall, sprawled at her, but it is, of course, hooked. Imagine this machine crawls across the body?..

a terrible Picture, I must say is a beautiful man with a clean and bright face, everything seems intact, no visible signs of damage, and not breathing… George was a doctor, his fingers are so, you know, long, like a pianist. When the plate came down, he managed to say: “I have only five minutes.” Indeed, soon Iwloc died. Inside, I found a bunch of fractures and spine, and chest. Though it is put under paver…

Photo: Pixabay Climbers called the new mountain route in honor of the 1000th anniversary of Brest

And so, this evening we see: there are four rescuers. “We were told to get to the rocks and spend the night. And in the morning we ascend for Jellycam”.

Victor Nekrasov from CSKA led a team of fifteen to twenty people. Noticed me and said, “Want to come with us. I Can, Mary?” Well, how could I refuse? Of course, agreed. Went with a group upstairs. We found Juluka, pulled down. The expedition lasted three or four days. Two days have established a policy so will not break the body. We were afraid of avalanches, snow in the mountains was a lot. I helped them, than could.

Vysotsky was wondering why the mother didn’t bring strong men, called the fragile-looking woman. Then told that at the moment he was born the song “the climber”.

Simply Maria.On Govorukhin

But in the credits you don’t, Maria Frolovna. Like have nothing to do with “Vertical”.

Is because of the Warblers Govorukhin. He was a kind man, to be honest.

At the end of filming there was an episode that gave the Director reason to dislike me.

Cook in our movie breeGade worked for the local boy. One morning, Tolya and Sysoyev came from the base camp: for some reason needed to come down – I do not remember now the details. Cook decided to tag along. There was a paved trail, in principle is good, but then she suddenly and abruptly stopped, so no one went. We told the boy: “don’t poke your nose in there, get where we are.” But it’s the horseman, though young. Disagreed: “No, you’re on the stones, and I on the trail.” Got to the cliff, and then – nothing. Began sliding on his belly, and… caught the fly of his pants behind a rock. Tightly. Can’t move neither backward nor forward. Laughter and sin! Our children then uhohotalsya, when we told. But at the moment we are with him was not fun anymore, I had to go back, shoot the poor guy. He was very much afraid. When released the boy, he said that the camp no longer go to work and won’t be there. Indeed, turned and walked away.

And before the end of filming remained for ten days. Slavka asked me: “Mary, will you take us to cook?” Well, I thought for a moment and agreed, becoming not only an instructor but also as a cook.

– a conflict in what?

– Explain. Breakfast scheduled, say, eight hours. Everything is in place, and the Warblers are not present. I took one silent second, and then I came clean: “Hey, at least you and the boss, but come in time, along with the rest.” Testified against him. Govorukhin did not like, he immediately said: “I fired her.” Our guys are climbers replied, “Then, Thank, goodbye, we go along with Mary. She – what, really? Be kind enough to do what is necessary in the mountains. Here we are now, because of you in the camp longer than five minutes, and after eleven o’clock the sun warms the snow, and can fall avalanche. You will die, and we are to blame?”

Much Slava of the conversation he did not like. It literally creaked teeth! And in the end came back: neither I nor toll didn’t even mention in the credits of the film. Although we were the trainers that trained the entire group.

– At least for the training and advice did you get paid?

– No, of course. We are talking not start, and no one ever offered.

– And for the premiere Govorukhin was not invited?

– nah, nah… God bless him!

In the frame you, too?

– When mounting “Vertical” Slavka cut out a scene in the mountains where I shot. He was accustomed to feel himself the master, such is the nature, character. Or unquestioning obedience, or ” out!” Basically, he was a good man, hardworking. But… harmful, painful feelings.

You then communicate?

– Never! None of the creative meeting, devoted to the “Vertical” Fame did not mention me with him. If we were not on the set. Come across such people.

Warbler then removed and the second film about the mountains, but has himself, without our help and participation. He believed that knows and can do everything. Therefore, it is not called the group of the climbers who have taught, advised something sensible. There was an episode with a young boy who is caught in a Blizzard and allegedly died of starvation, although in his backpack were canned. We genuinely perplexed, “Lord, do Slavka did not understand, and who perish in the mountains?! Why this boy is not cut ax the Bank?”

Photo: Sergey Pyatakov/RIA Novosti What are the names revealed to the cinema and the audience Stanislav Govorukhin

in short, the picture we didn’t like a lot of people said some nonsense, not the movie, all inaccurate, false, out of tune. The film is modestly passed on the big screen, it looked a little bad, and a week or two, and even more so removed from the rental.

still climbing needs to be a sports and way of life, not turning to survey the beautiful mountain scenery. Pride play on inflatableLa with Govorukhin cruel joke.

On the spot

– Vysotsky was the other?

– I told you: a quiet, modest boy.

Why do you call Vladimir Semenovich boy, although between the two of you only eight years difference?

– first, I’m almost ninety years old, and he remained forty-two… and secondly, he treated with him as a senior. Sysoev because the war took place, as Volodya’s father. We often sat three of us, talked on different themes. Of course, I was silent, listening. Sometimes walking together. I remember once on “the Shelter of the Germans” in the morning I washed up in the Creek. The water is ice mountain. Of course, your fingers from cold cold, what is called, frozen. Here is Vysotsky and did not notice as nameless jumped the engagement ring. When returned, it had gone. A stream is a stream.

– Upset much?

– Not happy, of course. Thought it might be a sign like this: so, if we divorced, the ring wearing nothing. I said, “Nothing, then one of the tourists will come here, I will give him a souvenir.”

How much you spent on set?

Two and a half months. Then they went to Svaneti, finished there individual episodes, and I returned to Moscow.

Lyubimov In the Taganka went?

On the performances of Vysotsky? Yes, he invited me and our other children. In “hamlet,” “the Cherry garden”.

it was a joke when the theater was going Sasha Balashov. He is from our team, master of sports. I think you did “Crime and punishment”. Volodya gave a complimentary ticket for two persons. Of course, everything began to stick to Sasha, to attack him: “Take me! Take me!”

And you know what I come up with Balashov? Went to the men’s toilet on the first floor, opened the window and called his buddies already waiting for a command. Those climbers know how to climb. That began to jump inside. But among the stowaways-stowaways were not only guys but also girls. But the toilet for men! Vigilant servant of the theatre, ProdavameI applets, became suspicious, called security. The police went to the toilet, and there are people from the window on the floor right! Sparked a wild scene. But Sasha Balashov was silent, as the guerrillas did not give it a pass from Vysotsky…

When was the last time I was in the theater?

– for a Long time. I Volodin son Nikita is calling in his father’s Museum, does not make it. Although the TV went, told about Vysotsky could remember. As an eyewitness. Every since their memories.

For the funeral in 1980 went?

No, was at the training camp in the Caucasus. But if I decided to come, did not have time, very quickly it all happened. At the cemetery Vagankovsky then, of course, many times looked. With flowers.

Mountain do not let…About myself

You are currently almost nothing is told, Maria Frolovna.

– I – Muscovite. Our three-story house stood in the Big Kozikhinskiy lane. He was half-timbered. In 1940 it was demolished and built of brick.

How many myself I remember, dad was in the police station. He fought in the First world war, then Civil. I don’t know white or red, but after returning from war in 1920, remained in his native place, and went to Moscow, where on the advice of friends he changed his name Zakharov on Gotovtsev.

When the Great Patriotic war, father in the army are not called. Then thought that, after two or three months the war will end in our victory. And then dad became seriously ill, he was allowed to quit the police and his family to go to relatives to improve their health. My mother’s relatives lived in the village of Svadebka is Lipetsk oblast.

By the way, the train on which we rode was bombed by German planes, mother and several dozen passengers died. My dad was sitting in another part of the car and escaped…

But in Suidice father continued to hurt and after a year and a half died from stomach cancer. I was left alone with her brother.

– How would youlo?

Twelve years… Then came an older sister, she 1911 year of birth, has become easier. We had a big family – four brothers and two sisters. No one anymore in this world, and I live here. I think it’s because of the climbing, it keeps me here, gives strength.

I and my first husband tried to attach to his passion, once brought him to our camp. He looked at the top and says: “to climb? No way! Clever uphill will not go”. Well, we divorced him then.

the second time I married a real climber, master of sports Kohl Bodrov. All his life until his death he was President of the mountaineering Federation Elektrostal. By the way, this is a common story. If the wife or husband is indifferent to the mountains, do not share the views of the second half, families often fall apart and… create a new one.

Maria tries to warm with its warmth a partner who became ill during the ascent.

– And the Edelweiss, which is hanging on the wall, you personally derailed or in the gift shop purchased?

– Offend! Mine, of course. But these flowers in the Caucasus is very small. This I brought from the Pamirs. We worked as instructors in the camps across the Soviet Union. Everywhere was. In the Tien Shan is an interesting peaks in the Caucasus.

is the highest mountain you climbed?

– Elbrus. 5642 meters above sea level. The highest but not the hardest. Was mountain and harder. Everywhere there are some peculiarities, quirks, all in their own way. But it’s always interesting. In the mountains is never boring.

the Glaciers are melting?

– unfortunately. Much. Here Cascatas in the North Caucasus, where we practiced before the filming of “Vertical”. There has always conducted lessons with beginners, and now have to go almost to the top to find a small ladock. Melting, melting…

I Hope people come to their senses, realize that it is necessary to love and cherish this planet. The other we have no…

Photo: Press-service PRO In a mountain lake in KCHR have found artifacts of 1942

the Mountains – absolutely amazing place, with nothing comparable. Now you know that over a lifetime I have not received a single injury in climbing expeditions, and a couple of years ago out of the blue he broke his arm? Moscow and breadth of digging, so I came somewhere not looking. A bad fall, a month worn a cast. Nothing herself on the farm was managed, did everything, went to the store. Man must love himself, but to spare. If no end to repeating, like, sick-sick, in the end, probably gonna collapse. I’m 16 August will be ninety, but I’m not going to change the way of life in the summer will go again with friends in the Caucasus.

Already told you that our friendship is tested by time. And mountains. It’s not like other people who go through the plain.

There is a club of veteran climbers. Meet regularly, remember, drink tea.

Mountain do not let go…

– And something harder?

– and wine and vodka and cognac, but without fanaticism, moderately.


– be Sure. Guitar. Usually solo Irina Karasev, and I, along with the rest, so sing along.

– Vysotsky included in the repertoire?

– Where the same without him? Volodya’s great climbing song, one of the best.

do You scolded in the mountains of Vladimir Semenovich? “Every time I am on looking for cracks, you scolded me, my climber…”

Is he to be witty and rhyme. I say: Volodya was disciplined, obedient student. Normal boy, good boy. Only life had turned out unhappy.

And you?

– I Have all correctly formed. Infrom if mountain climbing wasn’t in it, then the trouble.

the dream, Maria Frolovna?

‘ Sometimes. Usually go up to the top. Although in recent years began to descend. All the time…