Vladimir Putin met the Crimean sixth spring with the inhabitants of the Peninsula

Vladimir Putin presented state awards to the builders of the Crimean bridge and met with the public in Sevastopol, a Museum and exhibition center “Konstantinovsky battery”. The reunification of the Crimea with Russia, the President called iconic, fair and long-awaited event for the whole country. People made bright and conscious choice, “and attempts to put into question the cause first confusion and then a smile,” he said. Those who are trying to do, you understand the absurdity of attempts of this kind.

Putin has promised to restore the rights of veterans of the black sea

the Bridge visualized the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, Putin said. And all attempts to create complications for the people who live here, crashed, crumbled, primarily about their desire to be with Russia, he added. Now all was restored: and Elektro-and gas supply, now there is infrastructure in the form of a unique bridge. However, much remains to be done, and the head of state decided to talk to is invited to meet the Crimeans.

It immediately started talking about the basic Law. Participant of events of the “Crimean spring” underlined the importance of enshrining a ban on the alienation of territories. “These amendments give us security and ensure the sovereignty… diminished geopolitical appetites of some of our neighbors,” she said.

the President was asked in different modifications: for example, if you can get to Federal leadership positions, the inhabitants of the Peninsula – after all, they had Ukrainian citizenship, and evil tongues in this speculate. “Perhaps there is a wish to play on the feelings of the Crimeans, they are not really citizens of Russia, But it’s an exercise in futility,” he offered to read the text of Putin. And then immediately clear: for the Crimean and Sevastopol made an exception.

the President reminded the essence: the one who aspires to the highest office in the country, has to be bonded, do not have interests on the side. He reminded that the law allows citizens to have accounts abroad. “But if people pretendue to lead the country or to influence the policy of the Russian state, then that is a personal choice – or do you want to have accounts abroad, or want to serve the state,” stressed the President, adding that “nothing in common with the “spy” and the closing of borders it does not and can not have”.

If there are problems associated with the coronavirus, the law allows us to defer the vote to a later date. In the foreground – the life and health of citizens

Putin said: the fundamental basis of the Constitution remain unchanged, this is not a new fundamental Law, as additions to it. Because society has become more Mature and demanding, there is a new technology, the state became more opportunities is allowed in the Constitution demands the fulfillment of social obligations to citizens.

it is Important that a nationwide vote will depend on the epidemiological situation, reiterated the President: “If there are problems associated with the coronavirus, the law allows us to move right on schedule, to postpone to a later date this vote. First and foremost, without a doubt, we will have the life and health of citizens.”

Putin has promised to correct the decree on housing for veterans of the interior

All modern methods, which allows the law to be used, assured the head of state. In France the situation is serious and still has not cancelled the election, he led by example. In Russia the vote also can be used remedies, including the distance between the booths, and the opportunity to vote at home.

the participants of the meeting were outraged by the avalanche of inaccurate information on the coronavirus. The President has urged not to believe the fakes and stuffing: someone distributes them unconsciously, someone consciously, with purpose to cause a panic. Governments may lack information entirely, because people do not go to doctors or don’t know what sick. But everything that makes the Ministry of health, is the objective information that they themselves own. “So Budet in the future,” Putin said. Information is prompt and absolutely reliable.

the Ministry of health keeps everything under control, and our country looks much better than others – where thousands of cases and hundreds of deceased, the President said. Nevertheless, he demanded that the government and relevant institutions in the regions to develop activities of a proactive nature that should be given as needed. The situation will constantly monitor the state Council working group headed by the mayor.

“Everything is under control, I hope it will continue. We will step up efforts”, – assured the head of state. “The Chinese – well done, very effectively worked. In Europe is really bad… But our people are everywhere in large numbers,” he said. It was difficult in advance to predict that the borders will be closed: there were plans, tickets, tickets. Putin promised that Russia will provide assistance to its citizens who are in other countries and experiencing problems with the return.

“We must join forces and help each other, to exercise maximum discipline,” urged the President. “No laxity should not be here,” said he, adding that “the famous Russian Avos” in this case is absolutely unusable and it must be “set them aside”. And authorities to demonstrate their competence.

the Head of state reminded that the Russian vaccine against Ebola was the most efficient in the world. Putin hopes that a cure for coronavirus – and it as on the prevention of diseases, and combat will be developed within the periods indicated, he said, but he’s yet to publicly say they did not.

Putin supported the idea to transfer the T-34 tanks in city of heroes

participant in the meeting, the Crimean Belarusian, has complained that Belarus has no air and rail thisia the Crimea. Alexander Lukashenko wants to build good-neighborly relations with Ukraine, said the Russian President. “I think that’s the point, not the economic viability or lack thereof for the carriers,” he said. Moscow and Minsk Union state, but Belarus is a sovereign country and has the right to conduct their foreign policy. “I think there will come a time when these issues will be resolved,” – said the head of state.

In Sevastopol, it was impossible not to talk about the story. “If we want to have a future we must know its past, and it doesn’t have to divide us,” said the President about the civil war. “Only by combining efforts, we can achieve results”, – he added. “If we want to have a secure future, you need to overcome the divisions of the past and move forward,” Putin said.

the President offered to make a Patriotic Sevastopol the capital of Russia, and he replied that it is, in fact. The President also awarded the Crimean bridge builders was awarded the star of hero of Labor and medals. Labor heroes of steel fitter Nikolai Zaikov, CEO of “SGM-Bridge” Alexander Ostrovsky and the businessman Arkady Rotenberg.