Vladimir Putin gave instructions to police officers

the Head of state praised the results of the work of the interior Ministry in the past year: the high performance of detection of the most serious crimes, reduced juvenile delinquency on the streets. “It’s important for the citizens of the change. Your direct responsibility to people in your yard, porch, town, the city felt safe and were protected,” he said. The President called for much more work on several fronts. First of all, to increase the level of detection. This is one of the main objectives, and its decision should be focused efforts of all units.

Vladimir Putin has asked the interior Ministry and the transport Ministry to pay attention to an accident involving a taxi

you also Need to take additional measures for the organization of work at the pre-trial stage of the criminal process, pay special attention to the rule of law by bodies of inquiry and preliminary investigation. “All the arbitrariness, fraud, outright fraud, which in itself is a criminal offence, the need to react harshly, – said Vladimir Putin. – Prevent such activities, and resolutely get rid of such employees, to transgress the law.” To be strictly observed and requirements about reasonable term of criminal proceedings, “in solving resonance problems of society need to work closely with prosecutors, other colleagues,” he said.

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin/press-service of the Russian President/TASS Kolokoltsev said the number of identified extremist materials on the Internet

Speaking about the prevention of crime, especially among minors, the President noted the decline in juvenile delinquency and called to connect to work with “at risk” public and religious organizations. In the field postoyannojon attention should be the Internet space, where they continue to act radical groups advocating criminal subculture predispose adolescents to suicide and delinquency. “The work on their identification should be carried out continuously, and the organizers and instigators to carry tinned punishment,” Putin instructed and required the most responsible approach to ensuring safety of children and educational institutions.

an important task is countering extremism. Last year, the number of such crimes declined by more than half. But that is no reason for complacency, Putin said. Interior Ministry – a special responsibility for maintaining stability in society. And most serious attention requires security in places of mass stay of citizens, especially during large-scale events, devoted to the 75 anniversary of the Victory.

the Head of state dwelled on the directions of the Ministry. Started with road safety. For eight years, road deaths have dropped by more than a third, and this is the merit of the traffic police, praised it. But among the dead almost 90 percent of citizens from 18 to 50 years. “So sorry! People pass away in road accidents in this age,” he sighed. We need to actively participate in the implementation of the national project “Safe and quality roads,” greater use of modern technical means of control and automated systems that carefully monitor the quality of training of drivers in driving schools for the provision of emergency medical aid and evacuation of victims from places of road accident. Increased attention should be paid to compliance with the requirements of passenger traffic. More than half have increased the number of accidents with taxi drivers, increased the number of dead and wounded. The head of state has instructed, together with colleagues from the Ministry of transport to offer effective mechanisms to remedy the situation.

the Next direction is further decriminalization of the economy and the fight against corruption, protection of budget funds embezzlement and other mercenary attacks. “A more systematic approach requires the work to stop the production and sale of surrogate alcohol, counterfeit, substandard medicines, and other goods of the “risk groups” that could harm people, endanger their lives”, – said the President. Putin instructed to be strict and to identify crimes in the sphere of nature – the illegal cutting of forests and the extraction of aquatic resources.

Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RGcomplaints of entrepreneurs to the pressure from law enforcement bodies, illegal, unreasonable action is still a lot, stated the head of state. “Economic security is not for every entrepreneur to see the potential offender. But to protect our domestic business, our law-abiding citizens who build, create new jobs, and are now working”, – he explained. “Such work in the area of economic security is designed to serve as a crucial element creating an attractive, comfortable, civilized business climate in the country” – said Putin.

the Third area – the sphere of migration and citizenship. Residents of Donbas have the opportunity to receive Russian citizenship in a simplified manner, facilitated procedures for resettlement and acquisition of citizenship to compatriots. We must continue to improve the legislative base and law enforcement practices to carefully consider each particular case, to exercise participation and human attitude towards people who want to link their fate with Russia. “It is necessary to put a reliable barrier to illegal migration,” – said the President.

the most Important activity of Putin, called combating illegal drug trafficking. Here it is necessary to act more flexibly and decisively, firmly, but strictly within the law. “Together with Roskomnadzor, the Ministry of interior it is necessary to block access to sites and pages in social networks, promoting drugs,” he instructed the head of state and asked the state Duma and the government to return to the detailed design of the legislative initiative to criminalize the promotion of drugs on the Internet.

More than half of extremist crimes in the country last year were committed with the use of the Internet, said in turn the head of Ministry of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev. More than five thousand materials in the Network was recognized as extremist, 193 of which are included in the Federal list. Control delivered more than two thousand resources, including groups in social networks who spread destructive materials.