Vladimir Putin discussed measures to combat coronavirus in the Crimea

on the second day of his working trip to Crimea, Vladimir Putin held two separate meetings with the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov and the acting Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvojem. It was about socio-economic development and measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. The Peninsula measures of alert, canceled mass events. “I wanted to conduct a large-scale concert. Of course, all of Sevastopol felt and knew…” sighed Razvozhaev. “It will be”, – said in response to Putin. “Still, as you rightly said, life, health is more important. Doing that now,” assured the source. In Sevastopol 77 people are under the control of the house and eight in the infectious diseases hospital. “While no one confirmed no, but check just in case,” – said the acting head of the region. “We must be prepared for any eventuality so that you are doing everything right,” he endorsed the President.

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS the Leaders of Russia and China has discussed the fight against coronavirus

Razvozhaev reported to and by the Federal target program: a full understanding for each object, with the government – in touch in the near future will determine priorities. “Need to take a number of decisions on additional sources or transfer of some facilities to a later period – it is clear that all at once money is not enough”, he added.

the Regional leader has addressed the theme of the 75th anniversary of the Victory and spoke about the issue of people who have the status of residents of the besieged Sevastopol. Now there are 1217 people. But the veteran status they have, they only get regional support. “The financial issues absolutely insignificant,” said Razvozhaev. It’s not even about the money. For these people it’s about the understanding that they will be be considered veterans. “I almost every day meet with them, they asked me to contact you to you a law supported. Twice by the legislative Assembly of the first convocation were submitted to the State Duma, but the government rejected it. They say that there may be some analogy in other areas”, – said the head of the region. “I beg you to support this bill and to the 75-th anniversary of Victory this status to give people,” said he. “Okay,” agreed the head of state.

In the Crimea for a medical outpatient control are 182 people in hospitals – 10 or who have a diagnosis of “coronavirus” is not yet confirmed

the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov at the meeting with the President once said: the main thing – to prevent the spread of the epidemic of the coronavirus. Introduced the mode of increased readiness, with 00 hours March 18, closed the border with Ukraine. Of course, the citizens of Russia and citizens with residence permit in the Russian Federation can travel to the Peninsula. But inspected at the border, and those who were in disadvantaged countries the spread of the epidemic, we take a biological sample. In the Crimea at the medical outpatient control are 182 people in hospitals – 10 or who have a diagnosis of “coronavirus” is not yet confirmed, said Feldman. Developed a comprehensive plan: analyzes and tests the research and get confirmation in anti-plague laboratory, all healthcare organizations are equipped with the necessary equipment. In the Republic there is a shortage of masks, but health organizations and services who work with the public, and equipped with masks and protective suits. In full purchased drugs. Thanks to the support of the government during the week will be additionally purchased 15 of the devices of artificial ventilation of lungs. Universities are translated into distance learning, the students will go on vacation until April 12. Aksenov thanked the Moscow mayor for methodological assistance.

Crimea today in the first place for booking rooms for the holiday season, and this requires additional measures WHIsecurity. Is taking a series of measures to avoid getting sick.