Vladimir Menshov: I knew and the life of the worker dormitories and construction sites

Vladimir Valentinovich, are now trying to revise the outcome of world war II. How to resist?

Vladimir Menshov: For young people need to invent new forms of presentation of materials about the war. Human memory is short, and our festival helps to compare notes. Best films will be shown in the Museum of Victory on Poklonnaya hill in Moscow.

Remember you wife Vera Alentova took the stage of MTV awards to present the award to the film “Bastards” of child suicide bombers in the war. Came out, stood before the audience and said that the award will not, as the film tells the truth.

Vladimir Menshov: I said that this film let awards Pamela Anderson.

You are the fifth year the President of the festival…

Vladimir Menshov: the Festival during this time has become the largest show of film schools. The festival will be pitching international film and TV projects, which will be attended by cinematographers from Belarus. We do not perceive CIS counterparts as foreigners. But Belarusians and Ukrainians, I think its even more so. Our friendship hour.

what is your personal involvement in the festival?

Vladimir Menshov: I will hold a recital and will show the film “envy of the gods”.

the 100th anniversary of VGIK you shot film, it too will show?

Vladimir Menshov: Yes. It has its own history. For the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Cinematography, I was commissioned to shoot a film.

Photo: kinopoisk.ru 10 stories about how they filmed “Moscow does not believe in tears”

I started to work, was getting very interesting material. But then I had a conflict with Tamara Fedoroobjective Makarova (wife of Sergei Gerasimov. – Approx. ed.). She saw a kind of mockery of her husband. When the current rector of state Institute of Cinematography Vladimir Malyshev heard my story, then said, “well, are you going to make a film for the 100th anniversary of the University.” And here together with my students I made a film, “RSIC-100”. With archival footage of rehearsals and exams, fragments of films, memories of the legendary filmmakers and even “living sculptures”. At the premiere of the film Institute VGIK appearance on the screen of each new hero, the audience greeted with applause, many were weeping.

You taught VGIK directing and acting. So, is it hard today to get the graduate?

Vladimir Menshov: To my surprise – punched! Although, of course, nobody wants to leave Moscow. Directing, therefore, is only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is necessary to create film Studio in Siberia, the far East… to Train in Belarus and Kazakhstan, but not in Europe.

What are you teaching your students?

Vladimir Menshov: Attitude to life. If a person with principles, the principles will then germinate in the movie. I was irreconcilable maximalist, but a kind of vaccination of justice and fairness is a must in his youth.

In 2017 you are the owner of special prize of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko “For the preservation and development of traditions of spirituality in cinema”, which you presented at the Minsk international film festival Listapad.

Vladimir Menshov: In Belarus, I fell in love in 1980 when he came here to show his film “Moscow does not believe in tears”. Patronage of me was taken by Victor Turov, great Director. I even once spent the night with him and talked to his mother, who during the war was a partisan. And for one night, she told me so many terrible and Holy.

In 1976 he released your first film – school romance “Drawing”.

Vladimir Menshov: the Script gathered dust in archive “Mosfilm” as unpromising, I was the only one he was interested in.

In Belarus, I fell in love in 1980 when he came here to show his film “Moscow does not believe in tears”

was a very cute musical story.

Vladimir Menshov: the Picture has become a leader in the rental, got the State prize. My films come out rarely – every ten years. The last time I decided to shoot a piece of film to show for it and advance further. Thought he will impress the oligarchs give money. The operator was great Vadim Yusov. But how much of this material I could show, the bomb never exploded.

what Vladimir Menshov is doing when not shooting a film?

Vladimir Menshov: I Work as an actor.

You played the role gesera in the film Timur Bekmambetov’s “Night watch”, what can you say about him?

Vladimir Menshov: He’s a serious phenomenon in our cinema. So serious that it lured the Americans and give to shoot a feature movie. His film “Profile” was the winner of the Berlinale-2018.

the Oscars you didn’t go.

Vladimir Menshov: I was restricted to travel abroad, therefore not only failed to walk the red carpet in Los Angeles, but also about the award learned from the program “Time”. In 1985 I was given on the stage to hold the statue and then I had to return it. Hall asked for permission one night to hold the award home. Hall replied, “Yes, Yes!” I took the statuette and… didn’t!

once celebrated such a prestigious award?

Vladimir Menshov: No! The film received hostile.

And what he conquered the Americans?

Vladimir Menshov: They saw not that Russia posed. For Western viewers, the film became the key to understanding the Soviet reality. Speakingt that Ronald Reagan eight times reviewed the film to prepare for the upcoming meeting with Gorbachev.

And whether you the idea to film “Moscow does not believe in tears”-2?

Vladimir Menshov: No, but occurs regularly at others. I do not believe that it can happen.

You’ve earned the status of national Director. “Moscow does not believe in tears” has collected at screens of cinemas over 84 million viewers, took the rolled second place, behind only “Pirates of the XX century”. As you came to this mine?

Photo: Nikolay Galkin / TASS Yegor Konchalovsky: I, too, was a major

Vladimir Menshov: I Have rural roots. I knew and the life of the worker dormitories, and construction.

you had a difficult path to the profession.

Vladimir Menshov: After school he worked at the mine in Vorkuta, at the plant in Astrakhan, the year was a seaman on the diving boat. Got to work on the ground, underground and underwater. But the dream was to come to VGIK. I’ve always felt a little outsider in his surroundings until, before we get into the artistic and creative environment. Before that, it seemed to me that I do not live my life. And so it proved. I find a lot of things from his father. (Valentin Menshov was the first mate. – Approx. of the author). Parents differently, lived differently brought up. Dad was military, we moved around from place to place, and arranged our lives could not be called: filmed in the corners crumbling wooden houses, with indoor plumbing and running water in the street. But, fortunately, in childhood, it all seems minor. The environment in which I strived, pushed me. And I wanted to go, not for a career.

do You consider yourself a happy person? Ved you make films that enjoy a great love of people.

Vladimir Menshov: you Cannot say those words, but I love that in life I learned that I was loved. For 44 years lasts love for the movie “Rozygrysh”, 41 years to the film “Moscow to tears does not believe” more than 35 years to the film “Love and pigeons”. I think that the time will come and the film “Envy of gods”. I have every reason to believe that life is lived to good use.

the role of friends Vladimir Menshov invited Actresses Irina Muravyov and Vera Alentova. Photo: Mosfilm