Vladimir Bystrov: I'm not a coach. Trenerski. Mate

Understand football better journalists

Like to work with an expert?

Vladimir Bystrov: Yeah, well, like everything. Any load. Quietly sitting, watching the matches. Also comment on them.

You said at first to join this new life was not so easy.

Vladimir Bystrov: When you’re trying something new, unknown, of course, have to work hard. When football was taking its first steps, was also worried. Here as well. First time come in front of you 15 cameras. It is not clear where to look and everything.

as a player-pay attention to the experts?

Vladimir Bystrov: of Course. Although previously as those experts on TV was not. Was pseudo. Just the journalists considered themselves to be experts.

Photo: Mikhail Sinitsyn/ RG Ex-player of team Russia was the name of one of the main problems of our football

But there were ex-players expressing their opinion.

Vladimir Bystrov: Then it was not so developed as it is now. But experts such as drums. There’s always a deuce and technical-tactical actions.

Simply do not all the players are unable to correctly Express the thought that it was unbanal, bright as you.

Vladimir Bystrov: after a lifetime in football, you easier. I understand football better than some of the journalists (smiling).

I Agree with Karpin, who said that the commentator should not go into the details, but just say “pass left, right”?

Vladimir Bystrov: Therefore, there are experts who can argue with such commentators. But the Genic is versed in football. He’s early andGral. And it is easier than others. But others don’t see sometimes banal things. Although now they just added, because it began with us more to communicate (smiling). I understand that many don’t like it when their team is bad they say. But if you play bad, why should I be silent? Still mad at me and the players with whom I am familiar. When I say they’re like the grandma crawling on the field, they do not like.

never called, never asked mildly be?

Vladimir Bystrov: always call. I said, “You better play, and less criticism.”

Kerzhakov said that at times called you and asked to be more tactful.

Vladimir Bystrov: So I included in the staff of the Alexander youth team. And then, why should I be silent when I see that the coaches use too defensive tactics? I so do not like football. But there is one point that Kerzhakov – the coach. I can say this freely because I have no special responsibility. For these words, the coach can obtain from management. I in this plan not so strict. I want the same “the ruby” in a match with “Zenith” at least showed moments of attacking football. And we Wake up only after missing the kopeck piece. In hockey we have the goalkeeper off 30 seconds before the end of the match. And the NHL team is 0:4, and the goalkeeper is removed in four minutes before the final siren. Well, you’re missing the fifth goal, and for what? But you tried to do something. And we have a feeling, this fifth washer plays a crucial role. People love the show and the ball.

Many former players of “Zenit” is now successfully working on the “Match TV” experts. Trend?

Vladimir Bystrov: What kind of accent Peter? I’m about 10-15 from Moscow called. Pavement, Tikhonov, Shirokov is also a Muscovite. Another Stalker! One Stalker is worth.

today’s young people for a year or two late. They are not ready to compete with the men. We had a lot of PRsposobina

Who else of the players could increase the expert part?

Vladimir Bystrov: Yes, any would be reinforced because players understand football.

And Igor Denisov?

Vladimir Bystrov: of Course, you could. He likes to tell the truth. I’m afraid for a long time on television would not have lasted. Freaked out would send someone. And that’s it.

Guberniev did not give to joke

How Denisov, by the way, now? Something about it did not hear.

Vladimir Bystrov: And when he played, you do some news about him?

Well then, at least he took the pitch.

Vladimir Bystrov: Now, I also go out much.

keep in touch with him?

Vladimir Bystrov: of Course. But it is incorrect to talk about a man who doesn’t want to be talked about.

Denisov was not included in the symbolic team of “Zenit” in the last decade. That is unfair?

Vladimir Bystrov: what do you think? Of course, unfair. And who is there to vote?

the Fans are like.

Vladimir Bystrov: Any fans? They never know how it really is. They just listen to the opinion of those who say. Total weight just sitting on the couch and shouts that the players can’t do anything and everything. So you get up off the couch and try, and then something present.

And Bystrov deserved to be in this team?

Vladimir Bystrov: No, of course. If I’m not in it how I can earn? Let them vote on. Me neither cold nor hot.

Photo: Mikhail Sinitsyn/ RG Djikia: Not exit the comfort zone because you don’t call to Europe

there Was a time when players are often invited to shows like “Comedy club”. You would go?

Vladimir Bystrov: well, I did. Five times, probably.

And how? Was messing with you?

Vladimir Bystrov: So there is a time Dmitry Guberniev came on stage, took the microphone at the leading and 40 minutes did not stop (laughs). You are all jokes, says painted, but I’m going to talk all that comes to mind. The boys did not know what to do. And our table was just next. Turn never came. In General, we could and joke. Although the players there not as much gets.

Well, Zhirkov at the time of the hit. As Alan Kosovo.

Vladimir Bystrov: Good, but other then a General “kill”.

RPL clubs Recently voted in favor of expanding the League. Your attitude to all this?

Vladimir Bystrov: the Issue of expansion is now not the main. If our clubs were of the Academy, if they did not steal players from each other for 50 thousand rubles, and themselves to grow… Choice for young players would be higher. The second point: young players have nowhere to develop. If RPL is not immediately caught, where will play? It is necessary not for the Premier League to watch, and the first and second League. They are also limited as the disabled one arm. For young guys it’s like a swamp.

you But with Arshavin, Kerzhakov, Denisov, and others like the same way?

Vladimir Bystrov: So at that time in St. Petersburg schools differently worked. Was lucky that we have such a group came out, not one person. After all, as it was then. Bought Czechs probation with a salary of 300 thousand rubles. Despite the fact that us young guys, give 30 thousand. It is clear that most of these Czechs in the Foundation will be put, not us. And Chekhov came so much… And everything was presented so that your pupils, meanwhile, do not understand anything. Andka you are the acting player, you have the right to vote no in the press you can not say anything.

Coach. Helper

Now you work as a coach…

Vladimir Bystrov: I’m not the coach. Trenerski, rather. Mate (smiles).

a Year ago, you said that your goal is to become a great coach.

Vladimir Bystrov: it’s Good to be a great coach when never meet. Seems right, kind of wrong. And for me to say.

Photo: RIA Novosti Fedor Zemskov: it’s hard for Me to watch a big football

Kerzhakov that you are working in the youth national team of Russia, said that you are a unique assistant. Players player, coaches coach.

Vladimir Bystrov: I’m the second coach. Can afford to play with the guys in the console.

a Distance with wards save?

Vladimir Bystrov: Distance with no one to hold, always in touch. But familiarity is not. I Vladimir Sergeyevich. Or just Sergeyevich.

Vladislav Radimov, zenitovskoy coaching the youth team, said that sometimes to him as worldly matters are appropriate that he answer do not know…

Vladimir Bystrov: To me with such stories is also a good choice.

Your generation was as confusing?

Vladimir Bystrov: and even more. But we were much prisposoblenny. I’m in the same 17 years things worked and was ready for anything. And these guys for a year or two late.

the results is the impact?

Vladimir Bystrov: of Course it does. They are not ready to compete with the men. Still, such views sometimes throw. Yes, ifs I’m so on the coach at the time looked, it would be my last day on the team. Try to cram. But only when he on the field. On the sidelines still trying to restrain myself. Some really children. You can not behave.

for Example?

Vladimir Bystrov: Like I said, everyone should be ready to take the field. And some do not understand what it means to be ready. People beat into his head that he is second or third, do not count on him and is preparing for the game accordingly, they say, on the field I still will not release. But the match can go through any scenario. And we all look forward to.

Could affect it?

Vladimir Bystrov: what is required of me, I say. Who should, he will absorb. And who wouldn’t imbibe, hang a pacifier and go to work in another place.

not going to say Goodbye

You said that the best coach in your career was Valery Karpin. Can you explain?

Vladimir Bystrov: Karpin, I understand. Maybe it was just because he played my position. When Laudrup I didn’t understand what to do on the field, and he came to put all the accents, I talked to the guys. I really liked his way of communicating: if something is wrong, he openly told all. Games with me Karpin did not play, and I was comfortable with him. And someone was uncomfortable.

Who else from the coaches was “your”?

Vladimir Bystrov: I Have no coach and had no problems. Whatever was written about the scandals. Yes, I could go out, go crazy, send the Mat, but coaching never climbed. What I had to, I was trying to do. In my career, I more than 20 trainers, and I all played in the first team. I guess that says something.

Photo: Alexei Danichev / RIA Novosti “Zenit” and “locomotive” played a draw in the match of the 20th round of RPL

Have you had a chance to play in Europe?

Vladimir Bystrov: That is saying something. Calls directly was not.

a desire is present?

Vladimir Bystrov: was Not his. I loved fishing, and Russia. If there’d been a concrete proposal, I would probably look at him. There was a time when I asked there in the Manchester, OK do people live there? But, in principle, in Russia, I always played for clubs that fought for the title, for Champions League. And not such a strong player I was to think about Europe.

Now again they are saying that England can go Chalov, Italy – Alexey miranchuk…

Vladimir Bystrov: why? Conditional Miranchuk is a good player, pulls “the locomotive”. It is not worse than foreigners, who support the club. It is more manifests itself, more takes on the game. But the problem is that in Europe such miranchuk more than enough.

You, by the way, has not announced his retirement…

Vladimir Bystrov: what should be declared? I am not supporter of such. And in form I good, only 10 kilograms of excess, but they are easily thrown off.

About farewell match wonder?

Vladimir Bystrov: I have to say goodbye no one going.