the Song “Towards the sun” Vitas sang a duet with Chinese singer Wang Yunem (Wang Yun). And he himself explained the reason for this action is:

Our voices really sound well together, but in different ways. Each voice is recognizable on its own. Now 2020 and I am pleased to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his creative activity… So, I hope that our joint Prime Minister Wang Yun all of you will like it!

it is Difficult to understand why of all the Russian platform Chinese so much love Vitas?! Obviously, it’s his unique vocals and mastering the art of falsetto. Remember that in the clip “the Opera №2” from its overtones even fought in glass houses?! And this is not hyperbole! After all, what man could sing, believe then not even all the music lovers.

Vocal Vitas really unique, he freely pulls out the complex notes even in the fourth octave. Maybe it is because the artist is so popular in China?! Because high-pitched sounds is typical of the pronunciation in Chinese.

That’s a new song – a beautiful, romantic ballad with a duration of more than five minutes Vitas sang very high, gracefully, delicately and freely. In China “Towards the sun” – have a new hit.

Although Russia and other countries of Vitas, of course, still sings in Russian. In November 2019, he released another album – “Bit bomb”. The release is very diverse: there are dance tracks in the spirit of Modern Talking and “Mirage.” But there is the song “Symphony” – continuing the operatic tradition of his earlier “the Opera №2”.

But surprisingly, in the countries of South-East Asia, the disc sold even better than in Russia or Latvia (Vitas, Vitaly was born in Daugavpils).