a Big Surprise on Wednesday night: Federal President Ueli Maurer (68) is invited by US President Donald Trump (72) in the short term, to a summit in the White house. Already on Thursday morning, Mason flies, according to a notice from the foreign departments of EDA to Washington.

The invitation from Donald Trump is historic: never before has a Swiss Federal was received President in the White house by the US President. Although in 1992 the Federal President René Felber met with the then incumbent George H. W. Bush, however, in his function as Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

The efforts of Switzerland to Meet

Switzerland is working on a presidential visit. This is mainly due to the efforts of the 2006 aborted free-trade talks. Shortly before his resignation, visited the former Minister of economic Affairs Johann Schneider-Ammann (67) to Washington, to set negotiations in motion. But his Meeting with Trumps trade representative Robert Lighthizer (71) burst in at the last second.

More luck than Schneider-Ammann had his successor, Guy Parmelin (59). He met in mid-April Lighthizer in Washington. Together, they agreed to deepen the ongoing unofficial talks on a free trade agreement at the expert level. In between, in February of this year, also discussed the foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis and counterpart Mike Pompeo in the issue.

now, suddenly, very quickly? Already today, Thursday, Maurer, and Trump could announce the start of formal negotiations. The Swiss Embassy in Washington did not want to comment at the request of a VIEW of further and referred to a press conference (20 hrs CEST), which is planned in connection to the summit.

In the official Communiqué of the EDA of Thursday night, it means that the two presidents will discuss the possibility for “negotiations between Switzerland and the United States on a free trade agreement”.

Takes Trump, Switzerland, because China or Iran?

the White house confirmed the Meeting in the night on Thursday officially. Accordingly, Mason will be shortly received prior to noon (local time) from Trump in the Oval Office of the White house for talks.

in addition to the free trade agreement, it could also be about unpleasant topics. Switzerland maintains with China friendly relations. This underscore Mason two weeks ago with a multi-day state visit in the people’s Republic. Also on China’s “New silk road” as part of the Switzerland – against the will of the United States.

another issue might be the growing conflict in Iran. Last week, CNN reported that the US government have switched on, therefore, Switzerland (VIEW reported). Therefore, the Americans in Bern to have communicated to a telephone number, which is what the Iranian President Trump could reach. The EDA did not want to comment on this to “VIEW”.

what is Clear is that Switzerland represents the interests of the protection of the American interests in Tehran. This means that Switzerland provides services for U.S. citizens in the country, such as visa processing. According to the information of CNN, the Switzerland should have passed the phone number of the Iran. Also, the EDA wanted to take no position.

The United States apply to Germany as the second most important trading partner of Switzerland. In spite of the rain of economic exchange is not a free trade agreement between Switzerland and the USA. In 2006 canceled plans for an agreement mainly because of resistance from Swiss agriculture.

Now, Switzerland takes a new start-up. For the local economy, much is at stake: each Year, exports to the value of over 40 billion Swiss francs to be exported across the Atlantic. On the opposite side of Switzerland to 2018 imported only Goods to the value of almost 21 billion Swiss francs.