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It writes the newspaper the Day, which talked about the matter first.

The christian TV channel Vision Norway, which is operated by pastor Jan Hanvold, sell dietary supplement “Chaga” in its own online store.

In a post on Facebook-their page stated that the product “strengthens the immune system, inflammation and virushemmende”. In addition, it states that it is “important in these times”.

Photo: Screenshot from Forbrukertilsynet Need to pause or change the ad

Forbrukertilsynet react strongly on the marketing and call it misleading and aggressive.

“Even if the advertising is not explicit reviews koronavirus or Covid-19, provides marketing associations to this, especially by the fact that the sentence “is important in these times” is included in the post on Facebook,” writes Forbrukertilsynet in the notification that was sent to Vision TV and the Web AS Wednesday.

They ask Vision TV and the Web AS to immediately stop or change the advertising for the dietary supplement.

Asked for the money to Vision Norway is to be protected against koronaviruset Hanvold will explain

Chairman of the board and pastor Jan Hanvold in TV Vision Norway will not comment on the case to-Day, but give a comment to Our Country.

– We have not received any notification from Forbrukertilsynet yet, but we will of course come up with a statement to them, ” says Hanvold to Our Country.

Controversial TV pastor said that koronaviruset built on a lie heat Pumps and ventilation filter

It is forbidden to claim that the products can cure or protect consumers against koronaviruset.

Forbrukertilsynet writes that they also have seen examples of suppliers of heat pumps and ventilation filter claims that these should be able to help against the virus.

We follow with now to see if there are more cases. This is a type of marketing that we will crack down on, for they exploit people’s fear of infection, ” says vice president Elisabeth Lier Haugseth in Forbrukertilsynet to NRK.

Elisabeth Lier Haugseth is the director of the Forbrukertilsynet.

Photo: Kimm Saatvedt

all Over the world are now forbrukermyndigheter strongly against traders who attempt to exploit the fear of koronaviruset.

the EUROPEAN commission published last week a guidance on how to “korona-related” marketing will be able to be in conflict with EU law, writes Forbrukertilsynet on their websites.

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