Bang in the Swiss optics market: Visilab, the number 1 in Switzerland fell before the man swallows the Graffiti Holding, the owner of McOptic. This was previously in the possession of the Basel Thaler family. Chairman of the Board Bruno Thaler (82).

To include McOptic 62 branches and 336 employees. With the Acquisition of according to the number of Outlets and turnover, number 3 in Switzerland Visilab wants to strengthen its leading position in Switzerland, say it in a message.

The Name McOptic, however, should not disappear. The brand should be integrated as an “independent unit” in the Visilab group President Daniel Mori (63). Mori: “McOptic complements the branch network of Visilab is ideal and allows for the Expansion into new regions of Switzerland.” Thus, it is represented in the Canton of Ticino.

Visilab is expanding its market leadership

With the Acquisition of the Graffiti Holding the Visilab group now has four brands (Visilab, Koch optics, +Vision, McOptic), 1300 employees and 163 points of sale. Estimated around 30 per cent of the optician market.

For the price of the Acquisition of Mori would like to say nothing. “The revenue is reported in the consolidated financial result of 2019, the Visilab group.” For the last time made McOptic for 2010, the sales public. This was at the time, to 68 million francs.

Mori makes it clear that McOptic “capable of restore it to its original positioning, competitive flat-rate prices must return”. The signs point to Expansion. Closures or layoffs, it should be no.

The Visilab group achieved last year a turnover of 260 million Swiss francs (+4 percent). Man fell to the 2nd place achieved a turnover of 209 million Swiss francs.