Visa card holders will be able to delete their data from third-party sites

the Holders of Bank cards of Visa international payment system, possibly, will soon be a “superpower” – to remove data from the sites and services in which they were previously saved. It is reported by RBC with reference to sources.

According to the publication, Visa plans to launch in Russia, the service that tracks store data specific maps online resources and allow these data to manage. Doing this will be through a mobile application of the Bank issuing the card, so Visa it is looking for partners for the project.

the Results of a survey of major banks has revealed that the new service payment system interesting Moscow credit Bank, and to consider the possibility of its implementation are ready, VTB, “Russian Standard” and “Opening”. Other large banks, including “Sberbank”, the request for publication is not answered.

Often users of online shops, online cinemas, Internet service providers and mobile network operators retain data of their cards for online payment in error, since interfaces are designed to do this most likely. If the client will keep your card details, including CVV code on the website to facilitate the re-payments re-enter information is not required.

However, this increases the risk of unexpected write-offs (for example, at renewal, which I forgot) and data leakage, hunted by the hackers.

Text: To.Hi-tech