Virus with state participation: the U.S. authorities are ready to buy shares in the affected coronavirus corporations

the Main economic adviser of the White house Larry Kudlow stated that the government was supporting the companies has the right to take a “fair position”. We are talking about the allocation of aid to corporations asking for tax exemptions in terms of the epidemic of the coronavirus. The authorities are ready to help them, but considering buying shares in them.

In this case, Kudlow praised the measures taken by General Motors closed their businesses for the period of the epidemic.This step went also Ford and Fiat Chrysler.

Kudlow noted that the acquisition of the shares in the affected companies is just one of the options that treats the White house. In this case, the current application of economic adviser about saving the same GM is clearly contrasted with his comments in 2009, when rendered by the Obama administration the automaker support he called “an attack on market capitalism”.