Virus traffic is not a hindrance

Transportation of socially important cargoes across Russia continues to grow, say in the Railways. If during the first 12 days of April loading on network products such as grain, salt, sugar, vegetables, fish, etc. amounted to 52.7% compared to the same period of 2019 to 19 April, the figure rose to almost 60% or around 2 million tons.

In particular, during the first two weeks of the month from the Kuban stations in 20 regions of the Russian Federation was sent to 36.1 thousand tons of sugar, 12.2 thousand tons of cereals and flour, more than 15 thousand tons of sunflower oil. Sverdlovsk Railways during the same period, carried more than 1.1 million tonnes of medicines and detergents, the demand for which in the conditions of a declared pandemic coronavirus has increased significantly.

a marked increase in the transport of essential goods began in March. At the end of the month in the Railways has fixed the loading of sugar on 85.6 per cent more than last year – 245 thousand tons, vegetables – 42.3% (17.4 thousand tons) grain 17.6% (2.25 million tons), etc. According to the rail carrier, so in March 2020 was transported by 13.3% and more of socially important goods than in the same period of 2019.

the company noted that only the Moscow region every day supplied 10 thousand tons of food. And Rostov oblast in March, provided the far East 270 tons of sunflower oil. The Federal district received 1.5 million tons of canned vegetables, 100 tons of pasta and more than 1 thousand tons of flour from the Stavropol region. In turn, far Eastern enterprises have increased shipments of fish products, some canned food only 15 times.

it is obvious that problems with the supply of all required subjects of the Federation. Including through the efforts of the Railways, which in the period of the pandemic, the emphasis is on logistics transportation and, if necessary, relocating the locomotives on the more popular routes. To act quickly digging created a staff for operational support of shippers. Have a round-the-clock “hot line”, available range of online services, including “personal Cabinet” on the carrier’s website, through which you can order, arrange and pay for shipping remotely. Constantly improving electronic trading platform “Freight”, which is also available around the clock.

Problems experienced directly the companies, especially small and medium enterprises, which again is associated with a complicated epidemiological situation. To help them, the Railways has taken several important decisions, which should reduce economic risks. In particular, the carrier has established a number of discounts, reduced tariffs introduced delay. This primarily applies to suppliers of socially important goods. More and more large companies enter into a Ceniya with Russian Railways for the rapid export of products with their companies located in different regions.

To support small and medium enterprises, the railroad entered into an agreement with the “Corporation of SMEs”, in which helping producers to find markets. The Railways has also introduced several programs, including the delivery of perishable goods trains, capable of speeds of passenger trains. The Sverdlovsk railway from April launched “Night Express” for transportation of small consignments over short distances. In addition, in the framework of the project “Cargo Express”, Russian Railways transported the seafood part of the Express reefer trains on a dedicated schedule.

Experts point out that the measures taken by the state leadership and in the execution of the orders of the President and the government of the Russian Federation – in particular, the Railways, let the regions do not experience food shortages. In most railway companies stress that keep the situation under control and promises to continue to provide uninterrupted and timely delivery of vital supplies.