A Virus that’s half the Team of FC Sion lays flat. But Sherlock CC don’t research further to answer the question: Wars the water bottles in the drink? Wars the chicken? After all: “One who had eaten no chicken, was not attacked by the stomach flu” has Christian Constantin know. A Clue? “Okay, a lot, have eaten the chicken, not. So we leave the…”

Annoying that the Virus cost the Team the first practice match against Challenge League-promoted Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy. In Chermignon, where it should rise, there was rejoicing to many thirsty souls. The extinguished their thirst now elsewhere than upon the supposed debut of Stéphane Henchoz as Sion Coach.

Henchoz Premiere against Lausanne

This is now on the rise on Sunday in Henchoz’ Fribourg home, in the village of Lentigny. Opponent is Lausanne.

And the players who spent the evening on the toilet? Most of them were at the other day again fit to clamber up to the 2258 meters high Cry d’er above Montana-Crans. And on Thursday all were already on Board and trained twice.

at The Moment, Stéphane Henchoz has a huge squad. With the three entries Jean Ruiz, Konan Oussou and Patrick, the CC with the Ex-Servette-top scorer Sonny Anderson compares, there are well over 30. According to the Lausanne game, the Cut is made. It 22 will survive,””, plus the three Goalies Mitryushkin, Fickentscher and Fayulu.

The preparations for the new Super League season is in full swing. Here you will find all of the Transfers, Testpiele and data to your club.