At 7. March, Bernhard Zangerl got the message that a bartender in his Après-Ski pub “Kitzloch”, the Coronavirus has infected the first official Covid-19-case in Ischgl. What to do, asked the 25-year-old son of a restaurateur-family Zangerl. He held on to the authorities-requirements and left his Bar first opened. Now, the young host is exposed to massive criticism. Right?

FOCUS Online : Mr. Zangerl, how is the situation in Ischgl up to date?

Bernhard Zangerl: We have dream weather here in Ischgl, the sun is shining, it is spring-like temperatures. It is the optimum weather for the skiers, as well as on the terraces after skiing for a Drink and the sun could enjoy. However, due to the ordered quarantine, it is unusually quiet – as otherwise only in may after the end of the season, when all staff and guests left.

“can spread such a Virus is optimal”

FOCUS Online In the media is Ischgl currently on a massive criticism. How do you experience the current coverage of your home?

Zangerl: It is obvious how negative reporting is true – and probably with some justification. Only Ischgl to assign alone for the debt is wrong. The Virus broke out in China and came to Spain, Italy and also Austria and Ischgl. Ski resorts are of course places where such a Virus can be optimally spread. So many people come together from all over the world. The risk for infection is very high. Jakob Gruber/APA/dpa

FOCUS Online is your Après-Ski Bar, the “Kitzloch”, as a “virus spreader” in the headlines. Due to the infected bartender is. How did you react when on 7. In March it became known that he is infected with Covid-19?

Zangerl: Three or four days before our employees, the Corona-infection has been demonstrated, it has given the first reports of Corona in Austria. Before that, focus all of that focused heavily on Italy, and China. We do not expect that the issue of outdated here in Ischgl so quickly.

“We were operating with a replacement Team

lead” When it was clear that an Icelandic group that was with us in the “Kitzloch” to a guest, was tested in Iceland, a positive effect on the Virus, we were contacted by the authorities. The employees were asked whether they experienced symptoms. Our bartender then, at the 7. March get the message that it is infected. This has shocked us all.

we Then get a visit from the police. All the people in the “Kitzloch” were questioned regarding possible symptoms. The entire Team was placed under quarantine. Our staff in the kitchen were not affected, the service team is almost complete. We were then operating with a replacement team, in consultation with the authorities and the country’s medical doctors initially continue to lead, but had to make sure that everything was thoroughly disinfected.

“In retrospect, it was a big mistake,”

FOCUS Online Was it in hindsight a mistake to not close the Bar at this point to be considered?

Zangerl: In hindsight, that was a big mistake. We throw ourselves to have the “Kitzloch” is not immediately closed. But we have just listened to the experts in the authorities and trust that you will give us the correct instructions.

FOCUS Online will Make you look self-reproach?

Zangerl: Yes, we should have left earlier, out of business, already on the day which our waiter tested positive was. Our aim is that as many people as possible are here, a nice time for us to spend, as well as the “everyday loads” behind. Therefore, we are very sorry for everyone who has stuck with us.

we are now on the media pillory, because we just had the first confirmed Corona case in Ischgl, is a pity. We had the operation at 7. March immediately to set. But if one reads the book from the back, you know how it turns out. But we could not know in the Dimension layer. imago image broker

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“Here, many errors were made, the work”

FOCUS Online : the Land of The Tyrol is relying on your bartender as “Patient Zero”. In the meantime, there are many report that already in February, people in Ischgl infected. How does this affect you, the authorities called on her staff?

Zangerl: , Our colleague is only the first Tested positive. It is clear that previously, people have to be here in Ischgl, who had the Virus already. As the official “Patient Zero” is given, unfortunately, is now the most attention. It is clear by now that here are a lot of mistakes happens, it is dealt with.

FOCUS Online : How to do it the “patient Zero” in the meantime? Also he should keep track of the current reporting…

Zangerl: it is very good. He initially had problems when leaving the country, but is now back in southern Germany and trying to get in the North. The majority of our staff is now well again. The majority of them are now left, only a few are voluntarily remained here.

All further information on the Coronavirus in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

“next Time, must take all of the minor”

FOCUS Online : How dramatic are the economic consequences of the current Situation for your operation?

Zangerl: Finally, we can’t rate it yet. It is clear, however, that we usually have are about 150 days in the winter season, of which us March and April as a Whole. I hope that we get the Virus in the next few weeks and months so that a normal life can move in, that we can positively look into the future and celebrate peacefully. The whole issue needs to be worked on all levels of government, but also here in Ischgl and Tyrol, and the next Time have to react better and faster and a minor action. “Is it the spit”: the infectiology Lodge of the pale about Spahn-statement, FOCUS Online/Wochit “way Remains for me the spit”: the infectiology Lodge of the pale about Spahn-statement